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#16 - a shadow of a game

a free shadow

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1 hour ago, a free shadow said:

The ice clocks of Svalbard will melt two hours hence :ninja:

I want to see those ice clocks before they melt! At the moment, everyone is melting where I am, fire dominates the season, and we are using ice cream, trying to re-establish some balance. 

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There is a song in Old Orleans

That acromancers seek :ninja:

The theme is "Songs are sung about them"

1. Attacked, theoretically, the hostile stag, apparently posthumously Renly Baratheon, Lord Renly's Ride (rocksniffer)

2. Snow-builder. Fights invalid’s giant Sansa Stark, Roadside Rose (Julia H.)

3. A telltale teaser: her songwriter appallingly 'potted' Shae, an unnamed song by Symon Silvertongue (Dolorous Gabe)

4. Annihilation, treachery tune: her scheming angered pride Ellyn Reyne, Rains of Castamere (Fragile Bird)

5. Almost totally timbered hand summons apprentice pup Bloodraven, A Thousand Eyes And One (Castellan)

6. Supplicated beautiful flower, isolated girl Bael the Bard, many unnamed songs (Raisin Bran)

7. Ablaze, this true hearted sigil. (Adopted patron) Stannis Baratheon, Lord Renly’s Ride (Ser not Appearing)

1 point was given for submitting an entry, 2 points for guessing a clue correctly, 4 points for guessing the theme, 1 point for voting for a favorite clue and 1 point for each favorite vote received. If you think I made math mistakes, you better think four times before mentioning it! :ninja:

The one who came up with the theme right away and guessed everything correctly on the first try was Castellan! Three other players found the theme later, but only one of them, Julia H. correctly guessed all the clues, too.

The most trouble was had with Bael the Bard, who many guessed to be Rhaegar Targaryen. I think Bael would like that :ninja:

The first place now belongs to Castellan, who got 4 out of 6 favorite clue votes ever submitted! And only one of them was by a person who guessed the clue incorrectly, I tell you :ninja: Other favorite votes went to Raisin Bran and Ser not Appearing.

Here you stand:

1. Castellan 22

2. Julia H. 18

3-4. Fragile Bird 16

3-4. Rocksniffer 16

5. Dolorous Gabe 14

6. Ser not Appearing 8

7. Raisin Bran 7 (he would be ahead of Ser, if not some last minute changes)


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Here is the second test you must face :ninja:

1. “Guilt innate, kinsmen!” prisoner replied, misanthropic.

2. Foolish oaf. Dedicated drunk. Crossed.

3. Girl invents kiss perhaps? Rewrites memory?

4. Finished off decidedly donning crown.

5. Grievously incited, killed pyromaniacal royal. Monster?

6. Fatal off-page delivery. Decomposing colt.

7. Flunked obligation: dallying dick cuckolded.

You have till the 13th


The new acronyms and characters will be coming for you sent tomorrow.

Bad luck to all your competitors! :ninja:

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5 hours ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

Hah! I just came back to see about making changes to my original decisions and check the deadline. I'll have to pay more attention. Lol.

Think of the deadline as another thing that needs to be worked out.

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I think it could be the 17th, because if not, this would mean that I am unavailable for the first six days of the next round. And also, at least two players are planning to invade foreign countries this week and it might work better for them, too... :ninja:

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No complaints. I am presently finding the clues hard and doubt is contagious so even clues I was originally confident of are shimmering like mirages. Therefore I'd prefer a delay to sending on the 9th. I can switch my attention to other obsessive hobbies if I get restive..

PS I am thinking I should send prelims before you disappear, though, so wondered what would be a deadline for that, to give you time to reply to them.

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