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Cersei's end [Spoliers]

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If the wall falls at the end of episode 7, Cersei must die in episode 6. Which means three more episodes. D&D have left some pretty big clues.


So first off, that scene with Nymeria. Arya has given up the idea of killing Cersei and is off back to Winterfell. She meets Nymeria, realizes that the doggie isn't going back to being a pet, 'thats not you'. Well Arya can't go back to being a lady either.

The big problem with the prophecy has always been that Cersei has to be wrong about Tyrion being her killer. It is what drives her hatred of him. So who is the valonquar? Well it could be Jamie but he only has one hand.

So how about Arya wearing Jamie's face? She would have two hands. And it looks like she is already busy casing the joint. 

The other possibility would be the remaining sand snake. Cersei seemed rather remiss in leaving them like that. They might carry antidote as they use the poison themselves. But that would be rather unsatisfactory. She might take out Ser Gregor though.



The past two episodes, we have seen Cersei winning. That is usually prelude to a reverse. 

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