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Ser Micaelys

the prince? that was promised

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So first topic I've ever done, usually I just read and reply in my head but this has nagged me enough to type it out.

In this episode there's a scene where Daenerys and Melisandre meet and talk, speaking in Valyrian, and Missandei clarifies for Dany that her translation is off. So by now you all probably no I'm not talking about the interchangeable Prince/Princess that was promised. I find it odd that due to Aemon's reasoning it seems to be universally accepted that the Prince that was promised is gender neutral. And now the show has added it to the translation and making it more canon.

And I wonder if the same acceptance has made the writers of the show make the assumption too.

Aemon's line is that it is Dany (as far as he knows the ONLY Targ left who also has dragons) is the Prince that was promised because DRAGONS are unisex not the wording. Considering his state and that there might be other Targ candidates I'm not completely buying his reasoning that because dragons aren't assigned gender that titles are genderless as well, if this was a common genderless language I imagine others would catch on as well after all Targs don't exactly have dainty princesses who aren't capable of well kicking ass and saving the world.

Am I the only one who sees the flaw in the prince that is promised could be a princess thing?

Perhaps the show runners are aware of it from source material we are not privy too however it could also be them making the same assumptions a lot of fans have made. 

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