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Westeros NFL Pick Em

Manhole Eunuchsbane

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14 hours ago, mcbigski said:

Lets get it started Wednesday.  Worst case if we get late sign ups is they drop week 1 anyway.

Actually worst case for people who sign up by Sunday morning is that they might miss 1 point on the Thursday game.  Why wait?

Agree here.

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11 minutes ago, Bronn Stone said:

Great thing about this format is there is no draft.  You can add people at any point, even a week or two in!

Yep. Also, since this isn't technically fantasy, you want me to use the first or second email? I'm going to try and get in touch with ME tonight for guidance and to see if he has last year's list of emails. 

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Week one results are in:

1 Joe Pesci 93 9-6
2 Sunspear Serpents 92 10-5
3 White Harbor Bakers 91 10-5
4 aceluby 90 10-5
5 dbunting 87 10-5
6 Kessler's Sports Book 84 8-7
7 Tywin 81 9-6
8 Lumpy the Greek 81 10-5
9 Bronze Stones 80 9-6
10 rocksniffer 78 7-8
11 Ramsay 76 10-5
12 ThatPyroFlow 65 6-9


And that's why confidence points matter. 11th place has a better record than 1st place, but the former chose......poorly.

Good luck and on to week two!

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