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Westeros NFL Pick Em

Manhole Eunuchsbane

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1 minute ago, Lord Lyman said:

Remember what happened the last time the Chiefs beat the Pats in Prime Time? Pats went on to win the Super Bowl.



/and that game was at Arrowhead.


//But yeah, it's way too early to count the Pats out. You know they will iron that defense out.

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1 minute ago, Manhole Eunuchsbane said:

Yeah, bit of luck there. I don't think anyone went with the Chefs.

I definitely would've put at least 13 on the Pats. I thought when you forget to put in the Thursday game it takes away the highest available point total from you for Sunday's picks?

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Week One is in the bag with some mixed results. Last years champ dbunting comes out of the gate strong and takes the top spot with 93 points and a 10-5 mark. Former champ White Harbor Bakers gets 2nd with 86 points and a 12-3 record. Virtual tie for 3rd between Joe Pesci at 85 points and a 9-6 total, and Maith with 85 points and a 10-5 mark.

Remember that your lowest point total gets tossed, so don't fret if you had a terrible week. Leaderboard looks a little something like this...

1 dbunting 93   10-5
2 White Harbor Bakers 86 . 0 12-3
3 Joe Pesci 85 0 9-6
4 Maithanet 85 0 10-5
5 Tywin 82 0 8-7
6 Quiet Isle Septons 81 0 9-6
7 Ramsay 80 0 10-5
8 Kessler's Sports Book 78 0 8-7
9 Oldtown Oliphants 75 0 9-6
10 Bronze Stones 74 0 9-6
11 Lumpy the Greek 71 0 8-7
12 Sunspear Shariffs 71 0 8-7
13 Dragonstone Dragons 62 0 6-9
14 Wolfswood Forresters 50 0 5-10
15 Rocksniffer 0 0 0-15
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20 hours ago, dbunting said:

Picks are in, took a couple risks this week. 

This week is odd. Bad teams are playing bad teams, OK teams are playing OK teams and good teams are playing good teams. There aren’t many freebies.

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ok so i am back from the beach and again have been rejected from the original rocksniffer acct, due to being under 13 yrs of age...hahahahaha since i will celebrate my 66th in october...so i started over using same info i am using in fantasy football westeros B...i am now rocksniff-redux, and am looking forward to kicking so ass this week...and don't be fooled by my niece's name (Patricia) i am just to superstitious to change it.

hey Manhole, can you check to see if this acct is working?


...and all prepare to weep at the depth of my picking skills...


...though i don't have a fucking clue about the confidence points ...ah well such is life


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