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Westeros NFL Pick Em

Manhole Eunuchsbane

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Week 4 totals are in, and they came back a bit higher than expected for those at the top. Oldtown Oliphants take the week with 96 points and a 12-4 record. Sunspear Shariffs nail down 2nd with 91 points and also with a 12-4 mark. Rocksniffer redux grabs the 3rd spot with 87 points and a 10-6 total. Leaderboard is pretty damn tight through 4 weeks. looks a little something like this.

1 Quiet Isle Septons 291  55  31-16
2 Maithanet 291  68 34-13
3 Joe Pesci 282 70 27-20
4 Lumpy the Greek 282 71 33-15
5 dbunting 281 70 30-17
6 Oldtown Oliphants 280 73 32-15
7 rocksniffer redux 279 0 32-16
8 Tywin 275 64 29-18
9 Sunspear Shariffs 274 71 30-18
10 Bronze Stones 274 68 33-14
11 Dragonstone Dragons  271 62 28-20
12 Ramsay 270 76 30-17
13 White Harbor Bakers 269 69 32-15
14 Wolfswood Forresters 261 50 29-19
15 Kessler's Sports Book 216 0 25-22
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26 minutes ago, Bronn Stone said:

Easy pick tonight.  14 points on New England.  Best case scenario, for a loss of a 14 point opportunity, I get to do the "Patriots are 2-3 happy dance".  Worst case scenario, I win the pick.

WIN-WIN! I'm greedy though. I want to do both happy dances, but I'm not sure that Tampa is up to the task. Will most likely settle for your scenario, although I'm going less points, as I think this one could truly go either way. 

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"I must will myself into having a good week! I've been in a terrible slump for two weeks."

*looks at tonight's game*

"Oh for the love of god I have no idea who's going to win."

*looks at the rest of the week's schedule*

*head bangs thunderously down on desk*


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ok another wild week in the books and i did not tank...i just need to get better at assigning points...

that being said...i knew i should have put more points on NE...but i really thought Tampa had a chance and they almost made it...those missed kicks killed 'em...

oh well...back to the drawing board liquor store


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 Sorry for the late update. Took the rug monster down to Dizzyland for a few days and I only had access to a tablet that I couldn't figure out how to cut and paste with. So Week 5 honors go to Dragonstone Dragons with 74 pts and an 8-6 total. Wolfswood Forresters take the 2nd spot with 73 points and a 9-5 mark. Rocksniffer redux gets 3rd with 69 points and a 7-7 record. Pretty much everyone else took a drop week on this one. Leaderboard looks a little something like this...

1Maithanet 359 39 43-20

2Oldtown Oliphants 353 64 41-22

3Lumpy the Greek 353 54 41-22

4Joe Pesci 352 64 35-28

5Quiet Isle Septons351 55 39-22

6dbunting 351 38 38-25

7rocksniffer redux348 0 39-23

8Ramsay 346 38 37-26

9Dragonstone Dragons 345 62 36-26

10Sunspear Shariffs 345 44 38-25

11Bronze Stones 342 59 41-22

12Tywin 339 58 36-27

13White Harbor Bakers 338 63 40-23

14Wolfswood Forresters 334 50 38-24

15Kessler's Sports Book 216 0 35-28


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