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Discussing the Successor Shows

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As previously mentioned, Linda and I decided to take some time while on our vacation to make a video discussing the Game of Thrones “successors”—the four (or five) in-development concepts that follow-ups to the show. We’ve now finished the series, deciding that three parts was more than sufficien to kick around a dozen or so potential ideas. You can find them all in the playlist embedded below:

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I would like to see:  1) The settling of the Iron Islands by the people west of Westeros (the Grey King/Sea Dragon/Mermaids)

2) The journeys of Nymeria and the Rhoynish invasion: with back story on the Martells and including the battle between Dragons and Water Magic

3) The journeys of Bran the Builder (descendant of Garth Greenhand by way of the Brandon of the Bloody Blade, kin of Lann the Clever (also descended from Garth Greenhand, friend of Durran Godsgrief and Elenie, builder of The Wall with the Children of the Forest and Giants, and founder of House Stark)

4) The Long Night/Battle for the Dawn (Others/White Walkers/the Last Hero/Azor  Azhai)

5) The first settlement of the First Men/the War with the Children (the Hammer of Dorne)/The first settlements of the 7 kingdoms (the first Artys Arryn and his Falcon, the first Casterly/the children of Garth Greenhand/the first River Kings :Mudd or Fisher)

6) The Andal Invasion

7) Doom of Valyria

8) Aegon's Conquest

9) Night's King/ King Beyond the Wall




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That is great news, it resolves the survival of the series. Long live Game of Thrones gosh though eh. Without it the series would bring a gap which might mean less of Game of Thrones. Seems to have sense, read it clear it is perfect that the topic is in survival if not full development as of still.

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Not sure if there's another thread with possible ideas.  I would like to see series around:  

The great and tragic friendship of Ser Desmond Mcallister and Lord Loron Greyjoy:  Not many constraints around this compared to some ideas.  Pros: Could potentially be a much shorter series, no dragons (budget wise).  Cons:  Might require water locations (budget)

The Peake/Manderly Feud, Exile of House Manderly and Emigration to the North:  Again, not tied down based on current material.  Can span multiple years depending on when the show starts.  Fans of current show get to see some older Tyrells, and introduced to Gardeners.  I don't really see any cons to this.  

Age of Heroes:  Something with Bran the Builder, Garth Greenhand, Lann the Clever and/or Durran Godsgrief.  Cons:  maybe too far flung to incorporate all of them together?   

Blackwood/Bracken Feud:  Maybe something on this feud.  Pros are that you can choose any of several time periods from the story, and it may not require lavish sets/budget.  

Nymeria/Rhoyne:  I think this might be better if it started with them about to land in Dorne.  Maybe with a flashback in episode 1 or 2 of of the defeat of Garin, and some other flashbacks of the journey to Dorne (flashbacks could be kind of Highlander style).  Then focus on how she allies with Mors Martell and takes over Dorne.  

Andal Invasion:  Focusing on the Vale probably works best here.  This might be too war/battle themed budget wise to work.  However, could work if focusing on the politics of the first men eventually banding together, and then the Andals being forced to do the same.  


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