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The Unholy Consult post-release SPOILER thread III

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7 minutes ago, Callan S. said:

I think the thing lacks tutorials - like playing nethack or dwarf fortress without any help command available. Someone already described the world as a poker game with unknown house rules in a dark room with a dealer that always scowls (I wish I could find the page that quote is on).

The galling thing is that this is seen as a feature, not a bug, and people who are frustrated without having any access to help are told that they are experiencing things in a new way.

Also, when you try and use the help command you are told contradictory things and then are blamed for not understanding both at the same time. 

Oh, right, and for those people who have some vague idea that they have figured it out, they're told that they didn't figure out anything, all they saw was random number generation, and the reality is that there isn't anything special there, it's just randomness. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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