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[Spoilers] EP704 Discussion


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Book spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who want to discuss the episode in relation to the books, and with reference to spoilers from them.

This topic should open automatically around the start of airing.

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1 minute ago, plectrum said:

Good to see Bran made it back indoors after Sansa left him in the snow last week...


1 minute ago, Greenwyne said:

LOL these guys. It's only Sansa. :rolleyes:

Sansa Stark, Lady Regent of the North, etc.



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Those Sansa/Arya hugs warm my heart omg cuteness




I don't know if Arya hugging Bran and getting hugged back versus Bran just letting Sansa hug him is a tell of something or just because Bran is learning a little better how to human


.....Oh, wait, "I saw you at the Crossroads"


"Cersei's on her list of names"


....Bran needs some lessons humanity

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