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[Spoilers] EP704 Discussion


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21 hours ago, Capo Ferro said:

You are comparing the books and the show even as you say you are not.  Fine, you love the books, hate the show.  De hustings &c.

But the claim that we see no meaningful improvement in Arya is absurd.  Compare the first scene in which the waif shows up to mercilessly beat the blind cat of the canals with a staff to the scene immediately before Arya's sight is returned.  There is immeasurable improvement there.  Or, indeed, look at the final sparring match between Arya and the waif, where Arya is systematically defending, gets knocked down, does precisely the same sort of leap to her feet as she does in the bout with Brienne, the waif drops her staff and pummels Arya with her hands.  Is Arya better than the waif at that point?  No.  And she's definitely not doing a good job at defending against an attack with hands.  But that's not the important question.  Is she better than the blind beggar on the street? Absolutely.  More importantly, is the Arya we see in the scene with Brienne better than the Arya we see in that scene? There's actually not much difference.  Especially in the first part of the scene Arya is moving very much like the Arya of the Brienne scene. 

And I want to emphasize again it is stupid and childish to say things like X is a world class fighter and Y can't beat a world class fighter or X is better than Y.  This isn't arm wrestling where you learn to do it and then it's a pure contest to see who's the stronger.  We're talking about a hugely diverse range of abilities and techniques of varying importance in different contexts.  Put a saber in the hand of a brilliant foil fencer who's never fenced saber and set him against a middling good saber fencer and watch the"better fencer" lost ignominiously.  Stop thinking "better" and start thinking context and the scene explains itself.

I see that you're still not ready to recognize the reality, but rather want to remain in your invented little world in which Brienne didn't beat Jaime decisively, Arya wasn't getting her butt kicked by Waif in literally every of their training sessions, and I hate the show just because I love the books. Not that you have any reasonable ground for these "convictions", but on the other hand, that's the nature of delusion - you don't actually need reasonable ground for what you chose to believe.

Sorry for disturbing you, have a nice life, hope I'll never discuss anything with you any more.

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