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[Poll] How would you rate episode 704?

How would you rate episode 704?  

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sry, i couldnt stand that Hollywood battle script with Bronn getting super powers plus loosing his self preserving senses. 

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8. Either this or "The Door" is my favourite episode of seasons 5-7. No other one comes close (though I haven't seen the last two episodes of this season yet).

+ This battle scene I actually liked, unlike the ones in "Hardhome" and "The Batte of the Bastards". Bronn and Dickon acquitted themselves well. This battle is the main reason I gave it such a high mark.

- Confused as to what's going on in Winterfell. I'm guessing that Littlefinger gave the dagger to Bran in an attempt to curry favour with him. I'm not sure why Arya needs it, as she already has Needle; shouldn't Bran return it to LF if he doesn't want it?

- Sandra continues to be sickeningly sceptical - again, the exact opposite of the character she replaced (Sansa) in seasons 1-3.

- Arya almost besting Brienne in a swordfight is extremely implausible. The only person she had training with was Syrio way back in season #1, and was easily disarmed in seasons #3 and #4 by Thoros and the Hound respectively.

- Time-wasting with those guards being reluctant to let Arya in.

- Pretty implausible how the Dothraki magically appeared at Highgarden having previously been at Dragonstone.

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