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[Poll] How would you rate episode 704?


How would you rate episode 704?  

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  1. 1. What's your rating from 1-10, with 10 being the highest/best?

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6 minutes ago, El Guapo said:

I gave it a 10. I thought of giving it a 9 because of that ridiculous Arya-Brienne fight but the field of Fire 2 more than made up for that.

Also gave it a 10, but that fight was for me pretty awesome actually.  I don't know it just worked and made it believable that she could fight with Brienne (whom I thought would have her way with her actually).  

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19 minutes ago, Snormund said:

Hmm.  I enjoyed it I have to admit, especially compared to the last episode and the show over the last few seasons in general. 




I have to say that Arya lasting five seconds against Brienne, let alone beating her, is the dumbest thing I've seen in quite some time.  Just for that I'm tempted to lower it more tbqh  this one scene lowers my score a bit lol  some other stuff too but that really bugged me  luckily a lot of good stuff in this one tho


Overall an enotable episode it just becomes less so when I think about the plot holes from the previous ones -__-  


Arya me Sansa reunion was  great to see :)








The purpose here was to show that the world is evolving and standard knight battle tactics are no longer "the standard".  Later in the episode we get the destruction of the Lannister Army using unconventional tactics ( not including Drogon).  The Dothraki calvary just mount up and go and were very effective against the stationary Lannister defensive lines.  Lannisters would have lost with or without Drogon.

Just like the lighter more agile Arya was able to defeat the heavier slower Brienne.  

Plus Arya is a trained assassin, that helps too.

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Things I liked (not in order):

1) All the sequence in Dragonstone was okey, it carries forward the plot, and develops the relationship between Dany and Jon.

2)Littlefinger trying to ingratiate himself with Brand, and his face when Bran replies with LF's very words to Varys  "Chaos is a ladder" was priceless.

3) Arya's expected return home. Something that I expected for sooooo long, that I couldn't avoid my eyes to get wet  just by seeing her and Winterfell in the same shot. And in the following shot, the change in  her face when she looks her home… I directly burst to tears in a way that I fear my family will mock me for years.

I loved the encounter with his siblings. Particularly, I loved to see that despite the pain and losses, Arya Stark is still there. We had watched her failing miserably at being No One, but I wasn't so sure about who or what she had become. Now we are shown that she can be  a ruthless killer, but her family is still what matters the most for her. Loved how when she and Sansa first met, she is not so effusive, she does not hug Sansa back ... but after a while and the talk  in front of Ned's grave , she is the one who steps forward  to hug Sansa.

Liked also that when she mets Bran, he at least does put his arms around her, not like the previous episode with Sansa... it makes me hope that despite Bran’s own words, something is still there too, and he has not lost all his humanity.

Bran- Meera not my favorite part, but his words "I remember how it felt like to be Brandon Stark, but I remember so much else now" are kind of intriguing, he doesn't say "I see” , but "I remember ", there's a huge difference, so I’m kind of curious about how this will develop.

Arya-Brienne, loved it too. It shows what a formidable asset for team Stark Arya has become, and she being now in posession of the Valyrian steel dagger shows that she has a role to play in the upcoming war against WW. This dagger is also kind of intriguing, but this is not the place to discuss it.

 About the training session,  I do not care at all about some criticism from fencers and weapons experts who say that  Needle could not ever have endured one of Brienne's sword hits without breaking in pieces. I'm not an expert in swords, so I do not care. In addition, it was well established in season one that a skilled and fast fencer can hold on against a stronger but less fast one.  I think Syrio Forel must be proud of Arya. Some people can't just relax and enjoy.

3)Finally, the whole battle secuence ... fantastic! Thrilling and exciting as it should be, all of it.

The Dothralki cavalry charge, wow.

Danaerys and Drogon, wow.

 Jaime's brave, courageous charge,  lance in high, like a mythical St. George in all his splendor, willing to fall down in a blaze of glory for the slightest possibility of taking Danaerys out of the game with a single hit. Almost as stupid as Jon in the BoB, but visually stunning as well. Loved it! Also loved that Tyrion cares about him.

Of course there were flaws, I won't enter in detail here, but some are

1)The odd attitude of the guards with Arya. I know it was supposed to mirror the scene in King’s Landing back in season 1, when Ned was Robert’s Hand. But it felt strange. Circumstances at not the same, we have Winterfell in the way of getting ready to receive and shelter people from all the north, and a girl appears and she gets  a "fuck off"? She doesn’t need to be a Stark, just some girl looking for shelter should have been better received.  Inconsistent

2) Again, we have to imagine a lot of things to happen off screen, or assume that everyone has teleporting devices now.

3) When Drogon got injured by the scorpion and began to fall down, there's no way Dany  could have stood there without falling, unless not without a security rope or something. It looked ridiculous, and those details are floppy.

4) No Ghost, I’m getting tired of them just expecting that we forget about Ghost.

But overall, a very enjoyable episode, I liked it very much and I give it a 8.

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I have to say, a really memorable moment in this episode was Tyrion's brilliant, tense, somewhat touching (since its his brother) and pitch perfect delivery of:

Flee you idiot...You idiot. You fucking idiot.


Dinklage acted it superbly.

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9 - but I'll watch it again tonight and see if it's worth a 10.

I liked the battle but I didn't think it was perfect. Where were Dany's other 2 dragons? What were they doing when Drogon was down? WTF was Tyrion raving on about on the hill and how the hell did he get there?

Really liked the Arya swordfight - although I think her character has long since jumped the shark, that was a great sparring match.

Most of all I want to frame by frame the cave paintings :D

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5 minutes ago, LucyMormont said:

I can't help but wonder who is rating this episode with 1. Really? 


I know, they must surely be blind and deaf. There is no objective criterion by which this episode could be judged lower than at least an 8 imho.

1 makes me wonder if they have even watched it at all.

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7 minutes ago, LucyMormont said:

I can't help but wonder who is rating this episode with 1. Really? 


It's usually the haters that can't seem to understand that this show can't follow the books with the limited screen time available. They are outlines in every sense of the word. Ignore them.

I've had a discussion with a member here (i wont name him) who wouldn't even give this show a score of 1. He acknowledged that the show had decent actors, cgi, costume, set piece but still wouldn't say the show would get a score of 1/10. LMAO. Attention w***s




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Solid 9/10


Easily the best episode so far this season.  I loved the Arya vs Brienne training scene.  The battle was fantastic, the first this season that lived up to previous seasons.  Mark Mylod does well with dialog, but he would have ruined the battle at the end.  I'm thankful that they didn't give this episode to him.

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This episode has been the best since the end of S4, certainly if you divorce it from the plot issues leading to this episode. However, I will not divorce it entirely from the illogic or set-up plot contrivances, nor will I change my grading method.

Starting at 0, they've got to earn it.

Highgarden intro: The Bronn-Jaime exchange about castles is gettign old and only reminds me of Stokeworth and the inane decision by Bornn to go to Porne. No points.

WF Bran-LF: LF's greating accent and only reminding me that they're keeping him alive for faux-tension. No points.

WF Bran-Meera: Kudoz to the actress who plays Meera. The scene obviously serves to explain Bran's change, but only reminds me that they failed in showing the change in S6, and it's clear the send off to HR is nonsensical, and D&D don't know what to do with her. 1 point for Meera's heartfelt speech.

WF Arya-guards: a repeat of S1 guards scene at the Red Keep, which was a better scene. The Northern guards being such fould mouthed jerks did not come off as realistic. I guess it was to show how Arya changed in the sense she can keep her cool now. It actually spoiled the taking in WF from the yard by Arya for me. No points.

WF crypt scene between Sansa and Arya, and the scene with Bran: good. The hugs, but also distance, and exchange and finally Arya thawing. This one was good. 1 point.

WF Podrick-Brienne: I could have done without it. Brienne did almost nothing to be proud of. She didn'tt have anything to do with Arya's safety and she chose to kill Stannis over Sansa and still managed to help Sansa, without consequences in S6. No points.

Dragonstone the cave: Pfff, they shoot this shot of the whole cave and try to make it seem as if its magnificent or impressive, but well it was all black. Couldn't see a damn thing. Dany's line about fighting for the North only if they kneel and projecting her own personal pride onto Northerners made roll my eyes at Dany and reminded me of Stannis. At least he knew what was a priority. And I don't see the chemistry, though it's hamfisted in there. No points.

Dragonstone impromptu council meeting: Tyrion getting berated. Hell yes! I see no conflict with Jon's advice and Dany's battle. She engaged soldiers far away from citizens, not cities, no castles. 1 point for tapping Tyrion on his fingers.

WF Arya-Brienne duel: they tried to make it somewhat realistic with the dagger and the dodging. But needle blocking and parrying against a broadsword, with petite Arya against the Brute was ridiculous and unrealistic. And Arya didn't actually get any sword training in Braavos to be able to beat a top tier warrior like that. It was a fan-service scene, but well the Brute needed a lesson. And the tension of the scene, including as Sansa watched it, and Podrick eyeing the Brute dismayed when she kicked Arya, make me give it 1 point. If Arya had been fighting with a rapier and dagger in both hands already, this scene would have gotten a 2.

Dragonstone Missy, Jon, Davos, Theon: I like natural setting scenes. It doesn't seem like a plot relevant convo, and Naathi not having marriages is a D&D invention. But it does service imo GRRM's point about "trueborn" versus "bastard" - a social construct that is more a superstition than anything else, and certainly George won't give a F- if someone is trueborn or not. Jon's angry reaction with Theon was withing character. Theon's actions led partly to Robb's downfall.  1 point

The Battle: Everything was good about this. And no I don't have logistical issues with this. The army was at the Blackwater Rush, and the Dothraki could have been shipped to Massey's Hook for example to meet with Jaime's army that had to travel back from Highgarden. Yes, there was fan service in this one too, but it fit the characters. BotB was tactical nonsense to me. Hardhome was ok, but the rapid skeletons and cheesy woman-can't-kill-zombie-children ruined it for me. This battle had no such issues. Tactical deployment on both sides was logical and tightly done. It may be the best battle scene to date. 3 points. Doesn't get anymore, because the precision fires shows it's nonsensical to argue that Dany shouldn't fly to the Red Keep and take out Cersei there.

Wow... I never thought I'd end up giving an 8 to an episode anymore.

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