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[Poll] How would you rate episode 704?


How would you rate episode 704?  

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Easily a 10, BEST EPISODE YET! Oh man, where to start?


Arya coming back to Winterfell and her reunion w/Bran & Sansa was heartwarming. On top of that her showing how much of a badass she's become while LF and Sansa watched...man. She can hold her own against Brienne!


The scenes on Dragonstone w/Dany and Jon were awesome...can't wait for more.


THAT BATTLE!!!!! Ah man, how cool was that??? I knew when the pounding started I thought oh no they don't know what they're in for!  And then when the dragons came and started lighting whole lines of men up. As a Dany fan it was an awesome night. I also liked Tyrion's saying of Jamie you idiot.

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And finally an episode that that was amazing!


The battle was awesome!!
Jon-Dany scenes were really good too!
Winterfell was not bad. Expected Bran to say something about Arya in Braavos.

Is Davos trying to ship Jon and Daenerys?

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1 hour ago, no_one_... said:

on a curve I gave it an 8.   -1 point for being only 50 minutes (these episodes should all be an hour at least). -1 point for continuing Cersi plot armor and conveying any sense of timing of events. 

Cersei plot armor just... really frustrates me. She has literally suffered 0 negative consequences for blowing up the sept and (as I'm sure everyone wrongly assumes) murdering Tomen. Its just absurd no one is intriguing against Cersei, no one is defecting from her, etc. etc. 

Or with the Iron Bank when Cersei brought up slavery. I'm pretty sure that point was actually as wrong lore-wise as it could be. 

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52 minutes ago, TywinBestCharacter said:

Cersei plot armor just... really frustrates me. She has literally suffered 0 negative consequences for blowing up the sept and (as I'm sure everyone wrongly assumes) murdering Tomen. Its just absurd no one is intriguing against Cersei, no one is defecting from her, etc. etc. 

Or with the Iron Bank when Cersei brought up slavery. I'm pretty sure that point was actually as wrong lore-wise as it could be. 

At face value she won't in the books either.  She will become Queen despite all she has done and the reason is simple.  There is no one around King's Landing with the power to stop her.  In the books Vary's will engineer it happening of course.

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3 minutes ago, Ser Gareth said:

There are a minority of people who hate the show and will never give it any credit at all for anything.

I know there are people who hate the show, but come on, if they hate it so much that they can not even aknowledge the visuals, the production value and at least some of the actors work, what is the point in taking the pain to enter here and rate it? This is just beyond me.


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12 minutes ago, Ser Gareth said:

There are a minority of people who hate the show and will never give it any credit at all for anything.

Actually, I'll disagree slightly. Those people you mention don't actually hate the show. A person doesn't watch a show immediately when it comes out, and then goes to an online forum about the show right after, if that person hates that show.

What I believe is that some people have combined 2 things:

1. They enjoy being contrarians. Sometimes certain people believe that going against the crowd makes a person unique/insightful/special. GOT is extremely popular with the masses, so it's tempting to go against its popularity.

2. Some book people like the fact they read these books before the show, and somehow feel like the show's popularity somehow takes away from the special little niche they had with knowing this story. 

Combine those 2 qualities and you get a person who comes here week after week to vote a 1.


(The above commentary refers to the people who vote 1 week after week. It does not refer to people who have valid criticisms about the show. But giving a 1 every week is nothing but trolling. Again, a person doesn't waste that much time on a piece of entertainment that they hate, especially since it would spoil the very books they claim to love.)

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10/10 Damn, one of my absolutely favourite episodes.

The Starks reunion

Sansa and Arya scene was on point. Not too much emotional, but not cold. ust the way it shou
ld be done and showing how these have changed. Same for Bran, nothing will be same ever again. Also love the callback to season 1 and the guards in King's Landing for not allowing Ara to enter. Talking in the crypts was poignant and beautiful. Then meeting Bran who is a legit weirdo. Seeing Brienne looking at all three Stark children was also sweet, finally they are together. 

Arya's fighting scene with Brienne was also superb showing her skils agility, quickness and speed vs Brienne's strength, experience, better sword and armor.

Bran the Creep

Bran creeping out balish was so good "Chaos is the ladder."

But his farewell scene with Meera was heartbreaking as Bran is not the same guy and Meera just left. Probably never to return, just like Daario or other characters or maybe she will, but it doesn't look like it.

Gossip Girls.

Dany and Missandei girl talk was cute, like two girls in high school gossiping about boys. 

Dragonstone scenes cave + beach meeting

That leads us to cave scene (I see you Jon Snow). It looked spectacular and both Dany and Missandei were in awe of it. So much of dragonglass and how also sacred it looked. Then we proceed to the smaller caves and paintings. Pretty important scenefor Dany and Jon. He showed her what COTF made and how they fought together with the First Men agains The White Walkers.

Jon touching Dany's hands kinda freaked her out like "what you doin bro?" but then seeing The Night King and three White Walkers convinced that Jon might not be making up these stories and there is some element of the truth in them. Well, Jon was smitten af the whole time, like can't remember him looking at someone like that in a long time. Like Dany was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. When she approached him, he was nervous like when his crush suddenly gets closer. Jon would possibly even bend the knee in that cave but northern lords. Dany's answer about survival being more important than their pride is just like Jon and Mance in season5, just that Jon is receiving that speech and it kinda shook him a bit to hear that.

Dany too maintaining eye contact the whole time getting closer and closer, like one would thought they're gonna kiss right there. Then her saying she would fight for him and for the North. Important to say she first mentioned for him. Really sexual and romantic tension was pretty strong in that cave. Very important step in their relationship.

Same as meeting outside of he cave or perhaps even more so. I have to say, agree with Dany. Tyrion was playing it safe ad it backfired on them but flying to the Red Keep is not exactly the best idea as well. Dany asking Jon for an advice was possibly the biggest progress they've made. She trusts him by allowing him to be part of her council meeting, but seeking advice from a relative stranger is sign of a lot of trust. Varys and Missandei had this WTF look on their faces - once Dany asked Jon on his opinion. Jon's speech was nice and ultimately him and Tyrion convinced her not to attack the Red Keep and she choose to ambush the Lannisters. Jon sort of calmed her down a little bit. Should I say like Ice to Fire?

Jon and Theon meeting

Very well played from both Kit and Alfie, especially Kit seing someone who bertrayed his family and one of the reason for almost a destruction of House Stark. Theon did helped Sansa and as Jon pointed put, only reson for not killing him. Very well played.

Jon, Davos and Missandei

Davos was pretty good in this  besides fewer, also pointing out Jon's interest in Dany "She has a good heart." "I've noticed you staring at her good heart." Oh captain, My Captain. Finally someone said it, why Missandei and other followed Dany, not because of her name but because who she is. So the argument how dragons are only good thing about her, Well there ya go. Important for Jon to hear that and make an opinion on Dany because he starts to see who she really is.

Field of Fire 2.0 

was pretty epic and have to say better than Battle of the Bastards. Mainly due to Drogon, you can't beat that and truly showing the horror of seeing and fighting a dragon was well conveyed. Dothraki being finally in action and living up to their reputation was a nice thing to see. Especially guys basically almost standing on their horses firing 3 or 4 arrows at the same time, with a deadly accuracy. Still it takes balls for Jaime and Bron to fight along with the Lannisters when they know they are up against nuclear weapon. Bronn hitting Drogon with a scorpion bolt was intense and same as that tracking shot of his going through the battlefield in an absolute mayhem.

Jaime, Tyrion and Dany

Seeing Tyrion and Jaime in horror and shock with all the carnage and chaos. It's an aspect of the warfare that nobody likes, even experienced people like these two.

Jaime vs Dany and Drogon was pretty damn epic, when you think one of them might bite it. If it wasn't for the leaks, damn I would have thought the worst there. Dany risking her life to get that bolt from Drogon was cute, as her mother she has that instincts. Music, cinematography and choreography really made that battle pretty epic and fun to watch. I was sceptical beforehand of the purpose of this battle but seeing it with the context makes me appeciate it a lot more.

Final thoughts

For me season is getting better and better and better. After first two slower episodes, it picks up the pace.

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I'd give it a 10

There was nothing to complain about. It was almost perfect. Would have been entirely perfect if the battle was longer but we all know how expensive dragon CGI is.

The very good:-
-The battle. No words needed.
-Jon showing Dany the dragonglass and the drawings. That's when Dany started to believe him and saying she would fight for him. I was going to regain faith in her until she told him to bend the knee. Again. 
-Arya and Sansa, it felt too surreal after everything they've went through but it finally happened. It was strongly implied they never liked each other as kids so I was also hoping they would acknowledge that and apologize to one another. lol
-Arya and Brienne, it was so satisfying to watch them battle it out. But, Sansa's expression at end wasn't.

The good:-
-Dany realizes she's losing and for some weird reason she would ask Jon for advice..out of her 12345 advisers (poor tyrion). It hints she's already attracted to him. I thought it was one sided until Davos said Jon's been giving her stares as well. 
The meh scenes:-
-Theon talking to Jon so casually as if he never betrayed his family once before. It was too short so I didn't really mind it.
-Bran and Meera, I feel so sorry for the girl. She literally had to drag him all the way to winterfell after being stuck in that cave for two seasons and all she got was ''Thank you''? I don't care if he's a robot. He should have rewarded her somehow. I feel like the writers are doing too much with this new bran. She should have at least gotten angrier.

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5 hours ago, LucyMormont said:

I can't help but wonder who is rating this episode with 1. Really? 



5 hours ago, Krishtotter said:

I know, they must surely be blind and deaf. There is no objective criterion by which this episode could be judged lower than at least an 8 imho.

1 makes me wonder if they have even watched it at all.


5 hours ago, Lord Godric said:

Some butthurt book fan I bet. (Coming from a sometimes butthurt book fan)

Oh but all those 10s that people regularly give are realistic and objective? What a hypocrisy, to say the least. Even last week there were people who rated episode 3 with 10. So how are those people going to rate episode 4? 20? 100? LOL!!! I don't get all this whining of show lovers, you always seem to feel like victims somehow, even though the show is clearly overrated as hell. I have hard time understanding 10s even for this episode, because the episode had very serious issues, even in the battle scene (but the battle was very exciting and well done in general), but okay, for the sake of argument let's say that this is an episode that deserves 10. But what about all the previous episodes that received all those 10s? Doesn't that actually prove that the show has been hugely overrated for quite some time? This episode that contains the best action scene in the show's history clearly proves that the show is overrated, because retrospectively all those previous "perfect scores" look ridiculous.

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So now Arya is one of best fighters in country and can beat Brienne just like that... After like 1 or 2 yeas of training? Of course she trained mostly others stuff. Chuck Norris of Westeros, purpose of her character is now really just fans service. What an episode killer scene. 6/10 because ot that. 

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No one tells Arya the water dancer to fuck off, especially some northmen knock off of Laurel & Hardy. Field of fire 2.0 was good although its prominence in the trailers dampened my excitement some what. I was impressed with Tyrions reaction to the carnage the shock of what he may of helped unleash on the culture of Westeros. He clearly wasn't happy about it. Would Dany even care about the equivalent of napalm death inflicting such terrible suffering. It's not made clear but do you think Jon suggested off scene to make a surprise attack on the Lannister military? Once again glad Jon did not bend the knee, although it's beginning to look inevitable. I just hope it happens after the victory against the knight king not before. Let him have that much.

Hey get this for tin foil, Cersei hires the Golden Company and it turns out to be commanded by Howland Reed!

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