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Ser Danyel Mortimer

Arya's three deaths

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Jaqen tells her, clearly, that she may name anyone, even Joffrey, but he shall take his time to bring forth the death. A week, a month, or a year even. Killing Gregor before he left to Riverrun would have been hard, but not impossible. But Tywin would be another matter. Jaqen would have probably marched with him to war and killed him at an opportune moment. Or maybe in the battle of the Blackwater, or maybe in King's Landing, where he would be less expectant of an assassination. It would have taken time, is my guess.


In any case, Arya's path wouldn't have been affected much. Nor would Jon's, Bran's, Jaime's, Catelyn's, Cersei's, or Tyrion's. The Boltons would still have betrayed the Starks, and Winterfell would still have been put to the torch. Kevan would replace Tywin wherever he was.

The Red Wedding would never have happened, though. Tyrion may be cunning and clever, but he would never stoop so low as that. And who knows what Robb's presence would have done to the war?


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Hmm...well depending on how long it took it could mean a number of things. I think it could've allowed Stannis room to consolidate his forces. I do want to see her whole list be fulfilled though. 

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