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Arya character arc

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3 hours ago, Col Cinders said:

I have nothing to base this on from the show or books but I think she will become a dragon rider and fulfill her childhood dream.

Unlikely. At this point, the show will either have Daenerys as only dragon rider or Dany+Jon.


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I think that Arya would be some sort of leader.  I thought initially that she would rule the North.  The North is Arya's legacy.  Women are important too and at the moment I think that Arya would rule the Riverlands.  That is also part of her legacy through her mother.  She has Tully blood.  It seems farfetched but it could happen.

It depends on what happens to Edmure and his son (I have no clue if they live or die).  After them, Sansa, Bran, Sweetrobin and Arya are the heirs.  I think that Sansa will rule the North, Sweetrobin is already the ruler of the Vale.  That leaves Bran and Arya to rule.  Arya is the Stark who spent the most time in the Riverlands.  She's seen the misery that happened to the common folk.  She would want to fix that.  In the books even though Arya is not in the Riverlands, there is still a story there.  Brienne, Lady Stoneheart, the Brotherhood, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Nymeria are still there.  All of them are connected with her and I feel that she still has some story to tell in that region.

I know that Arya is unlikely to rule there, but it can happen. 

I know that Arya will fight the White Walkers.  I feel that the story with the White Walkers and the Night King is more Jon's and Bran's story.  i feel that Bran is central to the role of defeating the Night King, more so than Jon. 

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The series is increasingly more disappointing. And not at all true to the books anymore. It became a drivel of silly feminist upgrades (and downgrades on the other end). Arya becomes a super-terminator, Sansa (the dumbest major POV character hand in hand with Victarion) becomes some wise clever lady. Brienne defeats the hound, what a joke... And there are the dornish bastards. They're ~nothing in the books, just angry savage fools, yet here they rule...

On the other hand Jaime is reduced to being a lapdog of Cersei, Euron (maybe the most menacing character) becomes a joke, a caricature, Mance becomes nothing.  Willas, Garland is dumped, only mean old hag is kept.

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