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[Poll] How would you rate episode 705?


How would you rate episode 705?  

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7/10 Decent episode all around.

Not a fan of what they're doing with the Winterfell side-arc; I think it's just adding pointless drama that no one really gives a damn about at this point. The fact that Littlefinger is scheming despite being so close to the Scourge makes it that much more unrealistic - unless he's secretly working with/for the army of the dead. 

The whole citadel thing feels a bit off. Sam doesn't know the stuff he's supposed to know (or has already learned), yet manages to discover and utilize less clear info to an unrealistic extent when the plot demands it. The great maesters also didn't come off as particularly intelligent. I'm glad Sam's leaving, and I quite enjoyed his "I'm tired of reading about better men" quote. 

Bonus points to whoever wrote Davos' dialogue. The show's had a lot of shit writing recently, so it was a nice change for once.

Best part of the episode was getting the Dream Team together at the end. Pretty sure this fan-service was somehow secretly directed at me, as it's got almost all of my favorite show characters in the same group. Looking forward to their adventures beyond the wall; here's hoping the next episode mainly focuses on them.

And really hoping the next two episodes will keep pace with these last two. Didn't have high hopes for the season when it started, and wasn't really engaged until episode 4. Fingers crossed.

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All this Season is fan service. GRRM gave them the point of arrival and they decided to get there by fanfic.

About this episode is 6/10 because I am rating the level of fan service and with Gendry return and Jon petting Drogon it was ok.

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3 hours ago, LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger said:

I'm curious as to how many show only people picked up on how big of a reveal that was.  I'm the only person I know who reads GoT or watches the show.  I loved it because I'm a big fan that Jon is legit, but I honestly don't know if it blunt enough for people not well steeped in R+L

I'm not a book reader, and I'm not sure I would have gotten the whole R+L=J plot, let alone this annulment part, without all the YouTube commentary and this discussion board. I rewatched the episode to see if Sam brought that book with him. It shows him giving the book to Little Sam, which might suggest that he'd keep it as a"storybook," although reading about steps and bowel movements might not be particularly riveting for a toddler. But there is no definite shot of the book coming with him. Then again, what would the point have been to show the book and have it left behind?

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3 hours ago, The Knight of Flours said:


Cersei's pregnant?  Who saw that coming?

Gendry is going north?   You should be on Dragonstone making dragon-armour mate!!

The pregnancy certainly complicates the theories about Jamie betraying her. Not sure there is anything she could do now to turn him against her, short of having conceived with someone else.

I assumed Davis brought Gendry back to make weapons out of the dragonglass. He seems kind of wasted on this particular mission.

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3 hours ago, Ser Yorick Ampersand said:

All the META jokes about Gendry, Stannis etc. just make me cringe. ..

Bronn and Jaime was total plot armor bs. They should have been at least been captured for randsom or something.

What META jokes about Gendry? I'm not a book reader, so I've obviously missed something. And I got the Stannis grammar jokes last week, but his week?

Totally agree that Bronn and Jaime washing up so far from the battle was ridiculous. I'm willing to suspend disbelief for dragons and WW, but this wasn't magic, just silliness.

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I rated the episode a 7 in isloation, but am now very concerned about this season.

When Dany returned to Westeros Cersei was needed to become her adversary. The plot gave her the resources and abilities to present a worthy challenge for the sake of having a good season.

Now they seem to want to extend this conflict when there is no logical reason for it. Dany just defeated an army on the approach to Kings Landing, so either assault it or lay siege to it. What is all this cr*p they introduced this episode?.



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It's the reunion episode! Plus some of the best damn dragon CGI in the history of ever. Maybe even better than last week, as we got a lot of closeups with Drogon this episode. I felt the power of Drogon on screen when Jon was reaching out his hand. Goosebumps!

So many great moments for all of our main players in this episode. And two great lines for the fans with Davos' rowing comment and Gilly almost spilling the beans about Jon's lineage to Sam. 

Also, I never knew Jon meeting Gendry was a scene I wanted, but I'm certainly glad we got it.

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I loved Arya letting Sansa know she's on to her character deficencies. 

Loved the reunions as well, ditto to the reveal that Jon is legitimate and precedes Dani in age/succession of Targs. Am now eager to see a Jon/Gendry/Arya/Bran reunion. Also a Ghost/Nymeria reunion would be fun lol.

And Cersei is pregnant, I hadnt heard anyone predicting that one.

Very enjoyable episode, the writers weaved a nice confluence of characters and events to move this plot along, well done.


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Gave it a 4.

I remember when watching some of the commentaries from the past seasons, how the showrunners talked about some of the changes they were doing in the books, and explaining that some of them are based because they liked to imagine what it would look like if some characters were to meet and interact. This is how the ending of this episode felt to me. Like a 13 year old thinking 'What if Tormund Giantsbane, the Hound, Gendry, and Jon Snow were to meet. Wouldn't it be cool???'

You just know that next episode there's going to be a fight scene somewhere, and one character will look at another one after doing some violent kill followed by a one-liner, with their mouth half opened in surprise, and we have to think something like 'haha, Tormund/Gendry/Jorah/the Hound is so surprised having seen how brutal Tormnud/Gendry/Jorah/the Hound is'.

It feels so... TV... I felt the same way in the last episode when Brienne fought with Arya. You just know that the only reason that scene exists is because the showrunners though 'wouldn't it be cool if we could see Arya fight with Brienne', despite the fact that the fight makes no sense, and would never happen in the books. 

The whole appeal of Game of Thrones being set in a semi-realistic world that actively tries to avoid cliched tropes has gone completely by now. It feels like the shortunners are so confident due to the fact that the show has become a success and will obviously go through to a successful conclusion, that they no longer really about believability. If you want to predict the show these days, just ask yourself the questions 'Wouldn't it be cool if.....', imagine you're a teenager, and stop worrying about internal consistency, and you're half way there. There's a whole lot more I could say but I'll leave it at that.

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Modified McShane Scoring System (MMSS) review for Season 7 Episode 5

Tits?  NO.  Dragons?  YES.  5/10 to start

JOE DEMPSIE IS IN THE OPENING CREDITS.  GENDRY IS COMING BACK.  Bonus half point just for causing me to get hype. (5.5)

No Theon?  PFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.  Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.  -1. (4.5)

Well I guess that's one way to resolve the dangling plot thread of Heartsbane getting stolen and no one caring.  Randyl burning makes sense.  Dickon a lot less so.  If they were going to be this forced about it they may well have just stolen from Little Shop of Horrors and made me laugh by having Dickon be some slapstick masochist who WANTS to be burned alive for some reason.  Randyl should've tried harder to order him to kneel and preserve the house.  Should've just had him be a casualty last week if they wanted to kill him off.  Dany is technically not in the wrong yet but they do seem to be teasing the Mad King Reborn heel turn from her.  I don't know if I believe they have the guts to pull that move though.  -.75 (3.75)

Who's the Three Eyed Raven here?  Bran, or Cersei, who knew everything about the secret Jaime & Tyrion meeting.  And she's pregnant?  You know, if they actually had her die giving birth to twin boys that would be the most hilarious and amazing valonqar fulfillment ever.  She called Bronn's behavior betrayal so he might be dead now since that is the sort of thing Cersei would kill someone over but it's so hard to tell when Heady and Flynn can't be in the same scene together.  You know, Jaime's now in the same spot as my homie Theon:  they're taking so long on having him make his redemptive moment, and keeping him such a consistently pathetic chump in the meantime, that if/when they finally pull the switch on it happening it's going to fall flat and nobody's going to care anymore.  Audiences love pulling for an underdog, but they hate a loser, and the more you try to make it a "surprise" by having them be utterly pathetic until the end instead of "giving it away" by having them gradually build up to it and show the progress, the more likely more people will read them as the latter in stead of the former.  -.5 (3.25)

Bran wargs a shit ton of ravens who eventually slam into a window or something around THE ONE TRUE KING OF WESTEROS AND BEYOND.  Gimme my kind of fanservice.  Thank you.  Anyway Bran tells Maester Poisoned By His Enemies to send ravens to everyone, and at the Citadel they decide not to act on it despite Sam's protestations because...they think it's a trick by Dany to clear the armies out.  Haha that's actually pretty funny.  And I guess it's a hint that the maesters aren't as objective as they present themselves.  Anyway Sam goes on to sandbag Trivia Night with Gilly ("how many windows does the Sept of Baelor have?"  "Well NONE now."  Holy Shit :lmao:) including Gilly running into RHAEGAR'S ANNULMENT.  Our boy Jon is legit after all.  Saw that coming but it was introduced nicely enough.  Sam then goes on to once again be the worlds best Fat Ninja and he breaks into the archives one last time.  I keep anxiously waiting for the part where someone menacing catches him in the act but it keeps not happening.  Anyway, two weeks after almost getting expelled from The Citadel...he...um...quits The Citadel, stealing a bunch of manuscripts in the process.  Sam The One Man Thieves' Guild.  BTW the Maesters know Sam's bro and dad are dead but didn't tell him because they give no fucks.  Sam is unaware that the path is clear, cuz you know his sister ain't showing up on this show again.  I'll give this +.5 overall (3.75)

GHOST get mentioned but doesn't show up?  Oh fuck you, now you're just teasing me.  -.5 (3.25)

Dany tries to intimidate Jon with Drogon but Drogon ain't having none of that.  Jon takes a glove off and lets Drogon get a whiff of his left hand what got burnt by the lantern way long ago.  Drogon WUVVS him.  Well that was about as subtle as a kick in the balls.  Well at least it's out of the way.  +.25 (3.5)

Davos being a smuggler is some fun shit.  GENDRY is back and I already love Gendry's penchant for cutting through bullshit.  Davos doesn't even get a chance to try his persuasive speech because Gendry is all fuck it let's go.  Gendry meets Jon and no sooner does Davos finish giving him his fake backstory but Gendry abandons it immediately and does the Bastardborn Secret Handshake and he and Jon are immediately cool.  Davos catches some static on the beach from the gold cloaks, and some more static when the super obvious Tyrion shows up but then it's STOP.  HAMMER TIME.  Gendry knowing who his dad is and being all on the nose with a big fuck-off warhammer is fan servicey as hell but you know what, fuck it, it's fanservice I like. "Thought you'd still be rowing" is groanworthy but at least they got it out of the way early, and I like Jon and Gendry being what Ned and Robert should've been.  I'll go +.25 (3.75)

Arya flips her shit on Sansa taking mom and dad's old bed.  Hey you know what that reminds me of?  RICKON.  WHO SHOULD NOT BE DEAD.  FLIPPING OUT ABOUT REASSIGNMENT OF STARK BEDS IS HIS THING.  -.25 (3.5)

Arya and Littlefinger play some 17-Dimensional Chess with each other or whatever.  Was pleasantly surprised that the scroll LF wanted from the archives was Sansa's duress letter asking Robb to bend the knee.  Of course, if LF wanted Arya to find it, why'd he not make it a little more easy to be found?  And why has Lord Royce forgotten how much he hates this fucker for almost getting him executed?  And how much does any of this really matter when Dr. Branhattan can just slam his bone in the middle of the table and yell DOMINO and make all this shit moot? -.25 and only Littlefinger actually DOING SOMETHING keeps this from being lower.  (3.25)

Tormund asking where the big girl is.  You know, that's a good question.  Where the fuck was she this week?  -.25 (3)

Yara can't die if she's not on screen! Right?  +.25 for allowing me to continue to hope Theon will rise from the ashes and rescue her because fuck it, if there's gonna be fan service, let it at least be my kind of fan service. (3.25)

Jorah gets a warm welcome from Dany and a firm hug.  That's the friendzone dude version of "two days from retirement."  Jorah's.  Ass.  Is.  Grass.  Next.  Week.  WASH (3.25)

Hmm, I think I'm forgetting something.  Oh yes.  Bronn and Jaime magically wash up far away from everyone else and the show doesn't even try to insult our intellect with an attempted tease of Jaime drowning or being in any sort of danger at all.  Which Mario Brothers game had the Warp Zone in an underwater level?  Asking for a friend.  -.5 for transparently keeping Jaime away from Dany. (2.75)

Varys and Tyrion read Bran's message for Jon and talk about trying to get Dany to be less psycho and zzzzzzzz.  WASH (2.75), only saved from a negative score by Varys doing the obvious and opening someone else's mail because LOL of course he would.

The plan to try and convince Cersei to agree to a non-aggression pact by proving to her the army of the undead is real by capturing a live wight and bringing it to her is the most cockamaney convoluted dumb shit ever.  Although I guess since everyone can teleport now it could theoretically succeed where Alliser Thorne's book 2 field trip failed.  Stlll, though.  Dumb and contrived to keep Cersei from getting got.  Doubly so because they only way they could plausibly get an audience with Cersei let alone convince her is if Jaime was on the team, and the chance of him getting roped into Team Wightrustlers is if they had had Dany capture him at the start of the episode.  But they chickened out on that. I really can't justify taking off any less than a full point for this whole stupid thing. (1.75)

BUT HOLY SHIT AM I GOING TO GIVE POINTS BACK FOR THE ENDING. Now first of all, let me just clarify that I admit this was thrown together haphazardly.  And that the plan of action is stupid.  And that the only way this can plausibly end is in hilarious shitshow catastrophe.  And that there was some ridiculous travel time/distance distortion especially by Davos The Time Lord to get everyone lined up for this.

But you know what?  Fuck it.  The Seven Samurai Westeros Style is just too amazing a shot and way too fun an idea for me to not love.  Everybody had a reason to yell "I don't like you" at someone else and I'm glad they remembered to have Gendry be pissed at Beric and Thoros (though that's kinda offset by how it reminds me that Arya has forgotten about how they're on her list.  Well I guess that won't matter soon.)  Inglorious Basterds Of Westeros Featuring Only 2 (well, 1 now) Actual Bastards.  The Magnificent Seven Who Don't Worship The Seven.  Team BALLS TO THE WALL.  Beric speaking truth like "we're all here for the same reason, for the same goal, and on the same side, whether we know it or like it or not."  Love it.  Love Jon not being alone in Seeing The Big Picture.  Too bad these guys are going to get their ass kicked and I'm pretty sure the wight they bring back as proof will end up having to be one of them, volunteering to be it after being mortally wounded.  Jorah is finally accepted by Dany so look for it to be him, but I can also see Thoros biting it as that would raise the stakes by taking away the possibility of anyone (i.e. Jon) getting rezzed again.  Beric may be tired of coming back so I can see him volunteering too.  Gendry is my dark horse as it'd be hilarious to bring him back just to kill him.  Don't see Jon (duh), Tormund, or Sandor going down, but Zombie Clegane vs Zombie Clegane would be hilarious wouldn't it?  +1.25 points because I am going to enjoy the fuck out of the visual of them rolling into the dead of winter and making their heroic charge, doomed as it is.  Beric's sword FLAMING UP is in the previews and maybe I'm still 13 years old at my core but fuck if I don't think flaming swords are the coolest most metal thing ever. (3)

3 out of 10 final score

So, yeah, once again a fun episode with lots of pretty stuff but not a particularly good episode.  They're rushing to the end and mostly not slowing down to make sure the steps they're racing through make sense.  I should probably dislike this episode more but fuck it, Westeros Seven Samurai was just too goofy cool for me not to totally love.

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Seven, with allowances. The show is running out of time. They messed up the pacing badly but it's too late to fix that now. So I'll accept the rush, even if it's almost a completely different show from the first two or so seasons. A lot of things that were impossible then and influenced characters' choices no longer matter in today's world of instant teleportation. That's a huge shame, because it introduces such weirdness as capturing an undead and bringing it to King's Landing... wait what?!

Jaime obviously needs to be in the story, but this nonsense cliffhanger stuff needs to just stop. Nobody believes it anyway. It was terribly contrived, but I guess it can't be helped.

I think of this episode as a bridge between the first phase of the war for Westeros and now the arrival of the Dead at or near the Wall. I suppose it remains to be seen if that becomes the main focus. I'd be surprised if it does, still. Spend seven seasons building up to a binary conflict? I don't buy it. That'd be very weird for this story.

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Hmmm... 6, and I feel I'm probably being generous. I really want to just enjoy the show at this point, but there were a few too many conveniences in there for me to stomach.

What I liked:

 - The opening bit with Dany and the Tarlys. Say what you want about Emilia Clarke, but the show has done a good job of keeping Danaerys consistent, and maintaining her confused morality despite her essentially good heart.
 - Jon with Drogon. The moment was a bit contrived (and came out of nowhere), but the scene was well-delivered.
 - Davos being Davos. He was the real star of this episode.

 - Arya and Sansa conflict. I have issues with Littlefinger's convoluted scheme, which I'll get to in a minute, but I feel the mistrust between Arya and Sansa is natural. Both have been taught that trust can be dangerous, and Arya's impractical sense of justice is realistic given how long she's been away and what she's experienced. All she understands now is blood.
 - That weird moment at Eastwatch with all those complicated relationships. Very entertaining.

What I didn't like:

 - Gendry's return. They really could have found a better way to do that, and I didn't quite buy his eagerness to jump back into the fray of war either. Frankly, his entire return is unnecessary fan-service, really don't see how his presence adds much.
 - Cersei flip-flopping. I guess I can understand her trying to be clever given the whole dragons situation, but I find it hard to believe she'd be able to resist killing Tyrion if she had the opportunity. And where's Euron got to?
 - Littlefinger. The show has struggled with his character for some time, and it seems this season they really just didn't know what to do with him. Not only was the whole letter scheme incredibly convoluted, I don't understand at all how conflict between Sansa & Arya serves him. 

Finally, it felt to me like this episode would have worked much better if it had been stretched out over two episodes. Decisions seemed to be made out of nowhere, and no thought or revelation was given a moment to breathe. One more episode could have made all the difference here.

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6 hours ago, LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger said:

I'm curious as to how many show only people picked up on how big of a reveal that was.  I'm the only person I know who reads GoT or watches the show.  I loved it because I'm a big fan that Jon is legit, but I honestly don't know if it blunt enough for people not well steeped in R+L

I'm a show-only person. After watching Season One and barely keeping up with the backstory, I educated myself online. Rhaegar kidnapping Ned's sister stuck in my mind as significant.

The show has gone out of its way to repeat Rhaegar's name, especially in connection to Dany. But I don't think it sticks with casual viewers. Especially since we know Dany's other brother so well. It would've been nice if they gave us some flashbacks. 

Tonight's reference was for book readers. Show-only people will get it when Sam has his Ah-Ha! moment later. (Maybe not even then, considering some thought Jon was supposed to be Ned and Lyanna's incest baby last season.)

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"Well. If I don't come back you won't have to worry about the king in the north any more."

Not much to say about this episode. it was mostly just establishing the events for the next episode - well apart from prince Ragger setting aside his marriage for another. Still I give it a 8. Again only some 57 minutes long, where are the feature length episodes they promised. I'm going to hedge my bets and predict the next two episodes will also clock in under an hour long.

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38 minutes ago, the tower of albion said:

"Well. If I don't come back you won't have to worry about the king in the north any more."

Not much to say about this episode. it was mostly just establishing the events for the next episode - well apart from prince Ragger setting aside his marriage for another. Still I give it a 8. Again only some 57 minutes long, where are the feature length episodes they promised. I'm going to hedge my bets and predict the next two episodes will also clock in under an hour long.

The final episode is an hour and twenty minutes.

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I guess the word for how the episode felt is disjointed. While watching I basically felt like everyone was zipping around so the plot could be pushed along. Nothing seemed like it had any force behind it. Even Davos finally finding Gendry after all this time felt a bit flat. I felt like this was a chessboard episode.

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This is possibly one of the lowest ratings I've ever given. In fact I only recall giving a 4/10 to one episode before. 

This was a pathetic excuse for a game of thrones episode. 

I can barely scrape together enough redeeming aspecta for a 4. 

I liked Jon petting Drogon because I'm cheesy. And I liked Arya calling Sansa out on being a conceited, powerhungry, selfish shit with superiority complex. And it was nice to see Sansa call Arya out on how her idea of solving problems is killing people. And I liked Randyll Tarly and Dickon being the best people in the entire show for their last 5 minutes in the world. 

Everything else sucked. 

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