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[Poll] How would you rate episode 705?


How would you rate episode 705?  

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6. While there was more interesting stuff, there were far too many plot holes for my liking.

+ Jorah is finally welcomed back into Dany's service.

+ Loved the reveal that Littlefinger knew what Arya was up to, though I'm not sure what he plans to achieve by increasing the enmity between the Stark girls.

+ Tyrion and Varys rightly question Dany's pyromania.
+ Gendry returns, at last.

+ Cersei being pregnant again offers interesting possibilities, one being another Joffrey. Maggy the Frog's prophecy is now even less accurate.

- Jaime's plot armour is nearly as thick as Arya's was last season. Having been miraculously saved twice last episode by Dickon and Bronn, Bronn not only manages to pull him out of the water (which has somehow gotten much deeper) - pretty amazing given his plate armour - but also manages to carry him about a kilometre downstream underwater without being detected by Dany and Drogon and their army. Also Tyrion magically knows Jaime survived.

- Dany having been advised to be different from Aerys and Cersei, and saying she will be, ends up behaving exactly like both of them by burning people alive. Also sorry to see Dickon and Randyl go. This looks very contrived as a means to make Sam first in line for Horn Hill.

- Why on earth would Dany, or anyone for that matter (other than fellow villain Euron) want to align with Cersei?

- Implausible stuff about Bronn getting in touch with Tyrion, Tyrion getting in and out of King's Landing without being captured, and Cersei somehow finding out all this and not doing anything.

- Jaime and Tyrion's reunion fell flat.

- Why didn't Jon stop off at Winterfell?

- Arya wanting to commit mass beheadings and getting angry at Sandra for... I'm not exactly sure what. Having a nice bed? Not wanting to murder people?

- The bit about Rheagar annulling his marriage was very much out of focus and implausible, as marriages can normally only be annulled if not consummated.

- The Maesters at the Citadel weren't being very smart. I don't blame Sam for leaving.

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This episode was, in my opinion, one of the best in this season, because it showed a lot of content like the part when daenarys destroyed the lannister army a long side with her dragon and the dothraky warriors, and was in fact the smallest episode of the entire season beeing only 50 minutes long

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