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Jamie's survival, the zombie plan and the whatever theory

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Hello to everybody

I kept thinking about Jamie's survival for the whole week, until I arrived at the conclusion that, even if it cannot be fully explained rationally, it can be understood using what I call the whatever theory, and the same is true for

1) their plan to bring a zombie to Cersei 
2) this idea that such a plan must necessarily be accomplished by Jon and Jorah
3) Tyrion secretly going in King's Landing to talk with Jamie
4) Jon Snow's resurrection of last season

In general when I watch a movie or a series that has been done with a lot of effort but with bad results, I might feel disappointed but I never actually feel offended. An example is the movie The patriot. Even though I don't like the movie at all for several reasons, I don't feel cheated by Emmerich. On the other hand, I feel somehow betrayed when I see that there are flaws (either in the plot or in the realization) that can only be explained with the assumption that the creators simply didn't care. This is the whatever theory: sometimes, when nothing makes sense, the key for understanding the deep meaning of what you're watching is to assume that either the director or the screenwriter or both simply didn't spend enough time to think about it.

So if you'll ask something about Jamie's weird survival, the answer will simply be "whatever, the important thing is that he's alive and able to go back to Cersei" 
Jon's resurrection was a pretty big deal, can we have some insights on what he feels or how that experience changed him? I mean it doesn't happen every day to come back from the death!
Answer: "Whatever, he was dead, now he's alive, just be happy and keep watching". 
None of what happened with the zombie plan makes any sense, from the idea itself, to the decision to send precisely Jon and Jorah, up to the inexplicable choice of the Hound and Tormund to join the suicide squad. "whatever, isn't it cool to have all these characters together?"

So "whatever" in this case means at the same time "whatever, I don't care" and "whatever makes people watch it". 

By the way, even though many of you had to complain about Jamie's survival, it seems to me that nobody said anything about the most annoying thing, that is that they ended the previous episode with a cliffhanger that turned out to be a bluff. 

The problem with the Whatever Scenes is that I suddenly feel less involved in the story as soon as I see one of them.
I was wondering if anyone else feels the same on this issue. 

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Also, we should notice that the whole plan was devised to do things in the fastest possible way, even though in the time they went ahead with their mission they could have easily attacked KL.

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