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Northern Lords Reaction and Jon's Fate

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42 minutes ago, Mikkel said:

I will be supremely disappointed if they just take it in their stride! But then I thought Jon bending the figurative knee was supremely stupid in the first place (some kind of guilt trip over the dragon I guess).

I didn't want him to bend the knee, but I see why he did it now. He refused, even when she put that as condition to eventually  help him (remember the cave?), when Danaerys was all about the IT. HE had no time for the Game of Thrones, or for helping her to get it, or for nothing of what she would have wanted from him before going north to help him. 

Like she said "You have to see to know. NOW I know". And now, she is taking the right decision, she knows the IT can wait, the WW not, and does not put any condition to help. So, it was all about she becoming worthy in Jon's eyes. At the same time, I saw a lot of respect for Jon in Dany's eyes, and even a little regret, kind of "Everything  this man said is true, may be if I had listened the price woudn't have been so high"

As for the northen lords, they haven't seen yet, so they don't really know. I guess they would be angry with Jon till they see the first WW. So, their anger won't last long

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On 8/21/2017 at 3:26 AM, plastic throne said:

*unsheathes knife*

*stabs Jon*

*maintain eye contact*

"For the North"


Maybe Jon does know how to play the game. He just won Dany's loyalty 100%.

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and still,  as of this date,  we don't have any idea of what is happening.  Will the story ever be complete?   

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Jon Snow: "Everyone I have an announcement . . . . I have bent the knee to Daenerys Targaryen."

Wyman Manderly: "Well, I'm not happy about it, but I suppose if it meant we would have the aid of dragons I can live with it."

Jon Snow: ". . . . Well actually, she already said she would help us, and I bent the knee afterwards."

Cley Cerwyn: "What, why?"

Jon Snow: "Uh well . . . . I don't really know to be honest."

#Robett Glover stabs Jon in the back#

Robett Glover: "For the North."

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