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On 8/25/2017 at 5:03 PM, [email protected] said:

I wondered if it would make a difference to the NK's ability to control him if he can't speak. Of course he might be able to speak and now I'm imagining he has a really girly voice. 

The showrunners don't seem to be able to make up their minds on this.

They came up with a name (Skroth) for the White Walkers' language for one of the DVD extras, and they asked David J. Peterson (the guy who invented Dothraki and Valyrian for them) to sketch it out in case they wanted to use it. But then they had their sound designer just make more of the ice-breaking sounds they used in the prologue of episode 1, without giving him Peterson's sketch. And then they didn't even use that, they just had the NK and his Walkers apparently communicating silently.

My theory is that the NK can talk, he's just 8000 years out of practice, and he's worried that it would come out all creaky and weird like you see with coma patients and hermits, and that would diminish his aura of authority, so he just cultivates a strong and silent image. When he's alone, he practices talking to himself, and it actually sounds fine, but he's so neurotic that he doesn't believe it, and besides, the silent thing is working so far. And at this point, if he starts talking after a couple years of acting like he can't, that would be weird, and hard to explain, which just makes him more neurotic.

Either that, or it's a Jay and Silent Bob thing, and at some point he's just going to give a long speech to the humans out of nowhere, and then go back to being silent for the rest of the show.

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So I guess today's episode has answered a lot of these questions.


I am a bit confused as to how he managed to breathe fire so well with the giant hole that was in his neck but seems to be repaired? 

I do like the theory about him being too neurotic to talk. I'm now a firm believer that he has a ridiculous voice.

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