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Stryder the Blackheart

Arya is the worst secret agent ever! Part 2

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Okay, this is my second post on this subject. Check under the previous episode to find my post. Arya is making it hard for me to defend her. On one hand what she is doing to keep Jon in control as the King of the North, is completely justified. Just like any secret agent Arya has a bag of spy equipment (her bag of faces), but unlike classic secret agents, you don't leave it lying all around the place so anyone can find. Even worse, she basically tells Sansa she trained with the more than likely greatest group of assassins in ASOIAF. Keep in mind, who was the first person Sansa confided in when press about the letter she wrote, yep you guessed it Littlefinger. She still trust him enough to ask his opinion on the matter even though 2 episodes ago she warns Bran not to trust him lol. While Sansa maybe dumb to what Faceless Men (remember she still thinks Ayra was Water Dancing lessons, was actual dancing.) are, surely Littlefinger knows them. If I remember correctly before the Red Wedding it was suggested to hire a Faceless Man to end the War of the Five Kings, during a council meeting or by Tywin at Harrenhal. So far this arc has me very conflicted, Arya is losing mad cool points she gained when sparring with Brienne.

Hopefully the next episode solves this Issue, look for my next post for theories on how they can solve their in fighting.

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