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Helenas Musikautomat

Pictionary 37 - No Alphabet Soup for you!

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:commie: Down with Roman numerals! :commie: 

Thank you to Buckwheat for hosting the previous game :) 

Most of the experienced players know the game already, but if you are new, the rules are in this spoiler tag:


The game proceeds as follows:

1. Send me a PM entitled *YOUR BOARD NAME* - Pictionary 36 containing a starting sentence.

2. I'll send you someone else's sentence. You'll have around 72 hours (3 days) to draw (or otherwise art) the sentence and send me a link to it in the PM chain you started in #1.

3. You'll be sent someone else's picture. You'll have 48 hours (2 days) to send me a description of the picture in the PM chain.

4. I'll keep sending round the pictures and sentences in alternating rounds - I am looking at three picture and four sentence rounds this time around.

5. I'll post all the results for your amusement and delectation.

Sentence rules

Your description should only be one sentence, not a paragraph. Don't go crazy with the subclauses. The spirit of what you think is being shown is more important than the details - your interpretation is what we want!

Picture rules

Any kind of visual art which has been completely created by you is great. Most people will either draw on paper and photograph/scan it, or use digital drawing software such as MS Paint. But feel free to unleash your creativity. For example, in the past there has been plasticine pictionary.

The only restrictions are:

Use of letters in drawings is not allowed.

It must be entirely your own work - there shouldn't be any kind of copying/pasting from google images (though using them as reference material is fine).

Please link me to a PNG or JPG hosted elsewhere (e.g. people often use imgur). Make sure the picture link doesn't give any clues to the image or its origins. It should be a size where we can easily see it, and should be rotated to be the correct way round.

If you are still unsure about signing up, take a look at this pile of awesomeness from the previous games.


I was not sure whether people would like a theme or not. I had an idea of the very loose/broad theme of "Back to School" which could entail a whole heap of things.  

Alternatively, you can send me your sentence as a haiku because I do love haikus. 

get thinking folks!

Players (bolded have submitted their contribution for the current round)


First of my Name


Count Balerion

Horse of Kent 





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Sorry can't think about pretty pictures until after this years TitanCon.


Its tough being on the committee.

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1 hour ago, HelenaExMachina said:

Ok, no worries. When is TitanCon? Depending on sign ups we might still be open for you to join

The One day TitanCon is Friday the 8th - Monday the Monday 11th September.     - Trust me it is a one day convention,  we just do some weird timey-wimey stuff and make a day last 4 days.


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I'm in a similar somehow-drafted-onto-a-committee situation as Pebble - would love to have another game lined up for after though!

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I have a thought for a sentence. It's kind of silly, but hey (and maybe I can work it into a haiku). Drawing a picture is a bit trickier during the work week. We can probably manage some nonsense or other, though.

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i am in and have an awesome sentence...planned during helsinki ;)


though some would rather me draw it so it should be her sentence...eh @TitanCat hahahahahhahahahahah


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21 hours ago, HelenaExMachina said:

Well ideally we need more sign ups, plus I don't have everyone's sentence who signed up yet. I'm considering waiting a couple of weeks till Pebs and TitanCat are possibly free if no one has any problems with that?

Yup, should be free from next week :)

Though you never know, we might come up with crazy art from TitanCon to send y'all.

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