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Theories for open questions?

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(If any of these have been answered, my apologies)

1. Why was the Night King "asleep" for so long?

2. How did Brandon Ryvers become the OG Three Eyed Raven? And how did he know Bran would be his successor?

3. Will the "ice dragon" blow fire/ice?

4. Is Bran the Night King/Brandon Ryvers/Bran The Builder/etc.

5. Who is azhor ahai/prince(ss) that was promised?

6. What/Where is Lightbringer?

7. Can/How will the White Walkers pass the Wall?

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Fun questions @Spilly. Before someone else points this out, the obvious answer is "because the author wanted it this way to make the story most interesting."  Here is an in story universe attempt at answering.  Only my opinion, I'm not stating these as facts so if anyone disagrees please just keep your chill.

1.  He was not asleep.  We do not know a lot about the seasons in planetos, but every several generations they must be due for an intense winter.  He has been biding his time until this great winter has come.

2.  Brynden was called by the 3ER before him in his dreams.  He didn't know Bran would be his successor per se, he probably sent out his greenseeing signals and Bran received it and answered back.  Jojen or Euron could have well been candidates until Bran came, showed his powers, and claimed the role.

3.  Blue liquid nitrogen like stuff that will insta-freezr like Arnold Schwarzenegger's gun in the Clooney version of Batman & Robin.

4.  Bran is only the Brandon Stark of this current timeline.  (PLEASE DEAR GOD LET ME BE RIGHT ABOUT THIS ONE!!!!!!)

5.  No one is AA or TPTWP per se.  If these prophecies inspire people to fight against the white walkers and unite humanity then that's awesome.  If a bunch of people decide they will fight for Jon instead of hiding in their castles because they think he is AA reborn then whoo hoo, great.  But really both tales are just legendary myths.  Like Nostradamus' predictions in the real world you can find evidence for AA and TPTWP being anyone if you want to, but it doesn't mean that you are necessarily right or exclusively right.

6.  See #5.  Anyone fighting against the WW to protect the innocent is Lightbringer.  And no one / nothing is lightbringer at the same time.

7.  Yes, if they can forge oceanliner chains to lift dragons from the depths of a lake they can find a way to breach the wall.  I am partial to the theory that the "spells" that prevented people from crossing and held the wall up are all bullshit and the Night King knows it.  The spells, people's magic getting stronger at the wall or around dragons - it is all a placebo.  They will batter through the wall at Eastwatch with physical force.  Counterintuitively the blue dragon fire might help.

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1.  He was waiting for something to happen.  I reckon he "woke" when Rhaegar died.

2.  Same way Bran did.

3.  It is not an ice dragon.  It is an undead dragon.  The army of the dead are not ice soldiers.  Why would the dragon be different.  Blue Flame.

4.  No, No, possibly.

5.  TPTWP is Jon.  "Promise me Ned".

6.  In the crypts of Winterfel.  (just a guess)

7.  Blue Flame!

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