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Ser Petyr Parker

Jon Snow, the King Who (figuratively) Knelt

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Should Jon have submitted to Daenerys?

I was a bit disappointed. Nothing changed between now and the last time he refused to kneel. Daenerys saved some lives, but that's hardly unique nowadays. He could have knelt to Littlefinger last season if that's all it takes. Jon also has a stronger claim to the North - his people actually want him, whereas Daenerys's claim is a bizarre mixture of appearing to be the heir to an overthrown dynasty, "might makes right", and the fact that desperate people cling to her. He was in a difficult situation, but it's a bit of a betrayal of his people to go away just to come back with the news that he surrendered them to someone else they don't even know. At least go to Winterfell and ask them what they think first. It should only take a couple of hours...

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