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Which are your three favourite and three least favourite characters in GoT?

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List your three favourite and three least favourite characters in the show and why (you may also pick dead characters). Mine are:


1) Theon/Reek: I like dark, tragic characters and Theon/Reek is a real underdog. His story has been so cruel and so sad and Alfie Allen has done wonderfully in the part! I hope he survives and will redeem himself by saving Yara and killing Euron.

2) Jaime: Also an underdog. Nikolaj is not just incredibly good-looking but also a very good actor who can say so much with just his face, mimics and body language. I love his relationships with Brienne, Tyrion and Bronn and the character comes across as misunderstood, brave and honorable. Also, many of Jaime´s scenes are filled with humour

3)  Samwell Tarly: he seems so genuinely nice and good-hearted, like a hobbit in Westeros! His lovestory with Gilly is very cute and he has been such a good, loyal friend to Jon Snow.



1) Arya: I´m sorry but I really, really dislike this character. Filled with hate and bloodlust combined with a smug, arrogant attitude I couldn´t care less about her and her childish list. She is totally overpowered and out of control in the script! Please, kill her off ASAP!

2) Bran: he was a very cute little boy once but now he is just exposition in the body of a creepy young man. I hope the fantheories that he is the Night King will be true. With such an awesome twist the character will become really interesting again.

3) Brienne: her story with Jaime was great but her adventures with Podrick have been stiff and boring. She has outstayed her welcome!

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Usually it'd be:

Faves: Tyrion, Jaime, Tywin, (big fan of the Lannisters as characters in general) Least: Bran (sort of boring storyline TBH, and this is true even in the books), Littlefinger (underwhelming adaptation and also despicable on his own right), Loras (groaned at the stereotypically gay portrayal and once again, the poor adaptation)

But, as of Season 7:

Faves: Euron (He's a really fun villain that I've very much taken into liking), Cersei (Don't like Dany or Jon in the show, so being a usually Lannister guy, defaulted right to her), The Hound (It's just... the Hound. No more words. It's also the only portrayal that is still decent enough by this point in the show.)

Least: Arya (God she's absolutely groan-worthy. Maisie's great, but God, she needs to die, now.), Littlefinger (Why are you still here?), Bran (Hodor's death. I still hate him for that. Also, DO SOMETHING with these magical superpowers of yours.)

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1) Tyrion,

2) Euron (though still a disappointment)

3) Davos

Honourable mentions: Tormund/Sandor, though only due to entertainment


1) Littlefinger (seems devoid of all purpose right now)

2) Arya (I've never been a huge fan of hers, but she has become obnoxious and unlikeable right now)

3) Lyanna Mormont (The most overrated character in existence)

Dishonourable mention: Varys (turned into an idiot by the show)

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1) Tywin 

2) Jaime

3) Theon


1) Daenerys (Essos is boring and she is boring)

2) Bran (I feel robbed, all those scenes with them walking and he is barely in season 7. He should be with Jon fighting the WW)

3) Arya (Faceless men and her becoming an assassin is boring. I loved her in season 1-4 when she just was a girl trying to survive in the world of Westeros) the direction, acting and fanservice is ridiculous.

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Ygritte, Daario and Olenna.  They were all fully fleshed out characters and reminded me of people I have known and loved.

I hate

Arya because she's a nasty presumptuous little brat.

Bronn.  Overrated and boring.

Stannis.  Same reasons as for Bronn.

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My favorites and least favorite characters have almost always depended on the season. A character I really like in season X might drop afew placements after season Y. Arya and Jamie are examples of this; at certain points in the story they would easily be up there somewhere in the top placements, but at other points, they are almost at the lower end of the spectrum.

1) I've always liked Daenerys though, ever since season 1. Her story has been stale on occasion, but in hindsight we now why things had to progress the way they did. Her death, when and if it happens, will be the death that hits me hardest.

2) I've also always liked Olenna, ever since her first appearance on the show. Something about her presence on the screen just made me comfortable.

As for third spot, it's hard to say. I've always liked Jorah, Davos and Tyrion, but as of season 5 I'm quite a big fan of Jon as well. Probably have to go with
3) Tyrion as my third pick though, even if he's been mostly a disappointment in season 7 so far.

As for least favorite character, I have to go with the characters who make me zone out during their screentime.

1) Bran. I don't dislike him, I just find his story arc immensely boring, despite it being really important. Ever since he started traveling north back in season ... 3 (?)...I just haven't been able to bother.

2) Sam when he's with Gilly. I don't dislike Sam, and Gilly is tolerable. Again I know that they have an important role to play, but I just found their screentime to be so ZzzzZZZz, especially before they got to the citadel.

3) Daario. Never warmed up to the actor who played him in season 4-6. He just came across as a unlikable asshole and I felt nothing for him but disdain. Just as Dany I felt "nothing" when he was let go in season 6.


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1. Davos.                     

Wasn't blindly loyal to Stannis and saved Gendry from being murdered.  Also he was kind to Shireen, and despite losing his son, he still fights for what he thinks is right. 

2. Margaery Tyrell.

This girl was trying to do everything right, was beautiful and smart, too bad she ended only as Cersei's cannon fodder. Might I add she showed some empathy and caring for the smallfolk and even improved Joffrey’s image, briefly at least, which is a great accomplishment. Yes, her character is proving that if you listen to what you're told, even in that kind of world, is not a guarantee you survive. A reason more I appreciate her existence as a character.

3. Robb Stark. 


1. Craster.

Most disgusting character in the show, no explanation needed.

2. Balon Greyjoy.

A classic stubborn, narrow-minded jerk, who inflicts guilt in his son for irrational reasons. He never even admits he was to blame he lost Theon. He decided to attack the North to hurt the Stark family, and because the North was lightly guarded, all of that disguised in some “old way” Ironborn thing he never lived.

Horrible man, and a good depiction by the actor. He was speaking nonsense so serious it was laughable in a bizarre way. I enjoyed his scenes actually, despite the fact this character was negative.

3. Ellaria Sand.

Kills the relatives of the one she wants to avenge, and kills Myrcella, despite she did nothing wrong.  Don’t understand what show runners wanted to achieve here. Totally contradicting, nonsense behavior.  

I know there are more obvious choices, but this is a thread for personal choices, while the obvious ones are discussed too much already.

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Still living

Love - Bronn, Tormund and Brienne. Any of these die I'll cry

Meh - Sansa, Ayra, Bran. Kill them now please.



Loved - Ramsey, Joffrey, Oleanna. Hugely entertaing roles.

Meh - Tommen, Sand Snakes, Kahl Drogo



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1. aegon the conqueror - yeah i have a thing for mythic ancient badasses

2. roose bolton - the tywin of the north. badass voice, badass schemer. 

3. night king - mostly due to recent epic events. i think he has the potential to be a very creepy and powerful final enemy

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Unfortunately at least my four favourite characters are now all dead: Tywin, Eddard, Littlefinger and Joffrey. Joffrey used to be my least favourite character but I miss him now, he was entertaining and a good (if weak) villain. I really miss Tywin too. Olenna and Margaery would be my favourite female characters.

There's not many characters I actively like now. My three favourite would have to be: Jaime, the Hound, Beric.

Least favourite: I'll leave Ellaria out because she's not going to be turning up again. This leaves it as Sandra (by a country mile), Cersei and Arya. Ironically Sansa was one of my favourite characters in the first four seasons with Arya and Cersei not far behind. Arya was still among my favourite before this season aired but she started out by committing genocide against House Frey, spent the second half of the season behaving irrationally towards her sister and capped it off by killing Littlefinger.

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With Season 7 over, literally, all of my original favourite characters have been destroyed, made boring or ejected from the plot to made way for the Jon-Dany-Cersei-Jaime-Tyrion show... all of whom have got pretty boring themselves. Take Bran, for instance - one of, if not my actual, favourite POV in the books (What can I say? I like trippy lore-stuff) - it hurts how much they have been completely ruined him, to the point where I feel cheated and bereft. Did he go through all of that, lose his friends and wolf, get saved by Benjen and insist he didn't want to become an "old man in a tree" to become a bland, monotone Wikipedia, a "young man in a wheelchair"? *bangs head on desk*

Still like him better than this lot, though:

Least favourites (post-S7) are Arya (an unrelatable lunatic serial killer now), Daenerys (I couldn't be less interested in her or her dragons, anymore) and boring, boring Tyrion (RIP, the real Tyrion S1 - S4).

Favourites (post-S7) - Davos (God-tier, I love him), Beric and the Hound.

Yep, that's how I feel now. I am *this* close to putting the Night King on my favourite's list. Just call him an honourable 4th. Go get them, NK! #NK4Westeros2019 and #TeamWhiteWalker

(Prior to S7, I'd have said Olenna was the HBIC. Then, of course, Bran, Meera and Hodor were God-tier for me as well if just because I felt for their struggles and they were greatly underappreciated in S6. Then, I really didn't mind Sansa or Arya, though I guess I always liked Sansa better because Arya was being boring two seasons before it was the "in" thing for main characters to do. Cersei and Jaime have always been kind of meh to me, sorry. I used to love Brienne but she's just boring now. And Jon? Well, he's boring. Also, shout out to my sweet angel Shireen who was always so lovely and clever, and all the boys who died in the siege of Castle Black.)

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