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Stryder the Blackheart

Arya vs Sansa, how it ends?

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Arya vs Sansa is arguably the most controversial plotline this season. before I begin about last week's episode, lets go back to the beginning of the entire series (Episode 1: Winter is Coming). In the first episode, we can see within minutes both girls are total opposites. The scene where both girls are with Septa Mordane doing needlework, Sansa excels while Arya struggles at it. Shortly after, Arya shows up Bran in Archery. Sansa follows the traditional norm of females in this world, while Arya breaks the gender norm by wanting to be a knight. During the Winterfell feast for the arrival of King Robert, Arya throws some food a Sansa, though in a playful manner (sibling rivalry). This all changed however, after the Joffrey and Micah incident. When Cersei brings in Sansa to testify (basically lie) on Joffrey's behalf, this prompts, Arya to hit Sansa while screaming liar (rightfully justified), and sowed the seeds of hate within Arya for her sister Sansa. Unfortunately, after King Robert gives his decision, Circe convinces him to have one of the direwolves executed. Since Arya forces Nymeria to flee, it is decided that Lady must die. Later, Ned explains to her why Sansa lied for Joffrey. Telling her that she was basically put in the position where she was forced to defend him.

While Arya's feelings toward Sansa may have calm down after Ned talked to her, Sansa begins to blame Arya for lady's death (even though Arya protested and defended lady, telling them lady wasn't there). Then there's the whole Ned getting executed thing (lol). When Joffrey called for Neds' head he, Arya should've noticed, how poor Sansa was screaming "stop". Now granted it all happened so fast, while Sansa was screaming, Arya was looking at the crowed then almost immediately rush to help. It's possible she didn't see or hear Sansa, maybe. However I hope that's not the directing the writers are headed with this. There is also that time Arya sees that play in Bravos, but even that is a stretch.

Arya now back in Winterfell doesn't like what she see in Sansa. Sansa in the books hated Jon for being a bastard much like her mother Catelyn. Now she says boldly to Arya that they wouldn't be in Winterfell had it not be for her, yet she herself apologized  to Jon. She said she should've told him about The Knights of the Vale. The only way to fix this thing is if Arya is doing this to expose Littlefinger or kill him. Maybe Arya just tortured Sansa to gauge, how she feel about Jon ruling. A sort of test to see where her allegiance is. Think about it, all of the evidence is in the open. They can just ask Maester Wolkan about the letter, he'll say he gave it to Littlefinger; Arya will tell Sansa she stole from his room; Sansa will remember when she asked Littlefinger where Arya got the letter and he said he didn't have an idea. Now that caught him in a lie that he can't squirm out of. Oh! Lets not forget Lord Royce (Bronze Yohn) doesn't like Littlefinger. Last season Littlefinger nearly had him executed by that idiot!, Robin Arryn (also Lord Royce in the books has more balls than in the show. He doesn't trust Littlefinger at all, and wants to kill him). All in all, it shouldn't take much to turn people against Littlefinger. Sansa herself say, "don't trust Littlefinger", but yet she confides in him about Arya. Hopefully Arya is doing this to expose Littlefinger and it works out, maybe it will also cool Sansa down from becoming another Cersei.

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