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[Poll] How would you rate episode 707?


How would you rate episode 707?  

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I've just finished a 'forced' rewatch of Season 7 and so this episode is now very fresh in my mind. My initial thoughts on it were that it was a fine, if overlong episode that seemed to be consistent with the lack of quality in general of the season. But on rewatch I've now seen that is much much worse than I remembered.

A bit of context, I personally loved seasons 1-4, found 5-6 to be slightly flawed but overall enjoyable. Season 6 in particular I think is relevant because it was quite weak in parts but seemed to have been massively saved by the two final episodes which were 'knock it out of the park' great on a lot of levels.

Episodes 6 and 7 of Season 7 however were the exact opposite. A mostly weak / mediocre season was soured for me by two final episodes which were at times both incompetent and insulting in their stupidity. So many aspects of them were found wanting that its hard for me to even connect them to the show I fell in love with. 

Episode 7 has so many moments which in which I can't understand how it managed to pass any sort of quality control.

- Almost everything to do with the Dragons pit meeting was dreadful, woefully directed and written and amateurish. I felt truly sorry for the actors involved whilst watching it.
Firstly you have what seems to be the GoT solution for dealing with any loose ends ie 'The walk and talk', where two characters who have some previous connection resolve said connection during a 20 second conversation where they walk between two locations: See episode 6 for more of this in the snow. 
This was exaggerated during the parley in the pit, as each character got up from their seat, walked forwards, performed a line to another character with whom they had a previous issue. Then either sat down or another character would step forward and do the same. It was bizarre and had the quality of some sort of Am-Dram stage show, or even worse, a glossy daytime soap opera.. especially with all the reaction shots and closeups. It was just odd.

Almost every scene was uncomfortably shot. Characters having private conversations out in the open while the background shows all the other characters watching on as spectators. Nothing felt real, conversations just happened because they had to. I can't quite understand how this was allowed to happen, there must be some sort of huge writing rush as its like they couldn't find a single better way to hit these plot points.

- The Jon / Dany romance has failed to really catch fire. It feels completely empty and false at this point. I suspect its because the characters have ceased having anything other than the most shallow depth of character and almost all conversation has become exposition heavy. Its hard to really see where these two's connection lies. Yes on paper its made sense, they say all the right things and hes a hero and shes amazing.. but theres nothing interesting about it. Compare it to Drogo or Daario and its completely flaccid. 

- Littlefinger's death was cheap and it should have been one of those fist pump moments, but it felt so silly and staged and lacking in any sort of tension that I simply shrugged my shoulders. It wasn't a very good twist because it just seemed to come out of nowhere, the build up to it , as in Sansa and Arya's spat, seemed so sudden and ludicrous that having it do a 180 made just as little sense. And that Littlefinger was beaten by basically a magic kid instead of any sort of wit and intelligence was a bit of a let down. 

- And then the final shots of the dead coming through the wall. I guess that was in some way interesting. But the ice dragon has already become some a silly idea and how it happened was so poorly executed and thought out that its hard to really celebrate it. (Also they have yet to make riding on the back of a dragon look good, the night king looked so silly) 

So I'm giving it a 2. On top of everything else it was just boring, even when it was attempting to be exciting. Thats a real crime if you ask me. 

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7/10 for episode 707.

Season 7 as a whole definitely wasn't the best. The dialogue was weaker, and there were more cringe worthy moments than ever. Many things made less sense the more you thought about it. Despite all of that, I still looked forward to the new episode every week when it was still coming out. I repeatedly went onto YouTube to revisit parts that made me laugh. I found myself watching the behind the scenes featurettes to see how they put together my favourite scenes. I think it's a huge relief that season 8 will be the last, but overall, I’d say I enjoyed season 7.

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On 8/27/2017 at 10:49 PM, Lurid Jester said:


Also, the reveal scene between Sam and Bran... :rolleyes:  You're telling me that Bran never rewound that scene in the ToJ until he could hear what Lyanna told Ned?  Come on.  

Yeah that bugged the shit out of me.

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