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On 8/29/2017 at 4:54 PM, Titan of Bravos said:

Speaking of Cersei's impenetrable bodyguard, anyone else notice that he didn't step out in front of his liege when that wight was charging at her?

It looked like he drew his sword but was unable to position himself in front of Cersei in time. Wights seem to be faster than living beings, something Jon neglected to mention at the meeting. He also left out that the Wights are led by White Walkers who are super strong, intelligent, and immune to fire. And their General, the Night King, has supernatural powers, able to raise dead animals as well as giants and bad enough to bring down a dragon. Perhaps if he did Cersei would have taken the threat more seriously.



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On 8/31/2017 at 2:54 PM, nara said:

He and Jaime both take a few seconds longer than they should to react, but they both step between Cersei and the wight. Had to slomo watch to see it.

Re: awkward Jonerys sex, I realized that one of the things that bothered me was him going to her room. Once Jon bent the knee, going to her room was disrespectful of his queen and presumptuous. If she had gone to him, that would be different. 

Every time I watch that scene I keep thinking the wight is trying to bite Cersei and infect her. Then I remember it doesn't work like that. So really, a weaponless wight is not that much of a threat.

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The writers really need GRRM's books to work on... How on earth did they come up with this incredibly stupid cliché of the hero getting submerged for an indefinite/arbitrary amount of time meanwhile even swimming underwater until entire armies pass and/or they swim far enough away that no-one's in the vicinity. They pulled out this crap twice this season, with Jon (even though there ware also wights underwater) and Jaime/Bronn.
And once in the sixth season in the Arya episode (with Arya), which is by far the stupidest episode of the series.

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