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Aegon and Daenerys: King and Queen of Westeros?

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On 8/29/2017 at 7:27 AM, Styl7 said:

Jaime is not a ruler.. He is a nice soldier but he can't rule..

Same could be said about Danaery's. Good at conquering, not so good at ruling.

On 8/29/2017 at 7:48 AM, AryaNymeriaVisenya said:

He's the only one capable of putting two sensible thoughts together.


Omg, this is kinda true.

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10 hours ago, Kytheros said:

It's a threat to Littlefinger's goals. I'm not entirely sure why he thought trying to sell Sansa on Jon+Daenerys marrying being a threat to Sansa was going to work.

I mean, from Sansa's perspective, it moves Jon out of the way for running Winterfell/the North, gives an ally against Cersei, and means Daenerys isn't going to move against the North or seek to retaliate against the Starks/North for their role in Robert's Rebellion, and if Queen Daenerys is married to Sansa's brother, Sansa's in a pretty strong position to reclaim everything - Sansa's the strong Tully claim to the Riverlands that's not in prison or a Frey (Edmure and his child by Roslin Frey) - and to have a major role, if she wants it, in the Royal Court.

Sure, there is the problem of Daenerys being a Targaryen and what the Targaryen's did to the Starks.



But yeah, they're definitely ending up married on the Show. This marriage will probably happen in the second half of Season 8 - since I expect them to be too busy in the first half between the Army of the Dead and the process of finding out and disseminating the truth about Jon's parentage.

Littlefinger portrays it as a threat to him and to what he sees as Sansa's ambition, to be a Queen. Both Littlefinger and Arya see it in Sansa. I don't think we can cast it aside just yet.

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