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3 hours ago, no_one_... said:

In theory with the right temp/pressure combo you can turn a liquid into a solid by increasing temp&pressure.  But, the pressure is the key.  Since some things such as dry ice don't have a liquid form you can for a gas into a solid even.

Most substances have a liquid form, it's just that for dry ice (carbon dioxide), the triple point is at 5.1 atmospheres—as you say, the pressure is the key. You can even buy bottles of pressurized liquid carbon dioxide.

If you want a fun example of something that can't be made into a liquid, try gallium nitride. The molecular bonds break just before it gets hot enough to melt, so you get pure liquid gallium, and nitrogen gas.

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On 9/1/2017 at 4:19 AM, Ingelheim said:

You guys are really thinking too much about it.

You just summarized this forum in its entirety mate :cheers:

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