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I Could Ship The Hound and Brienne As A Couple

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I kinda have been in this Shippers Table since seen episode 6 and 7. I know everyone loved Brienne and Tormond or Brienna and Jaime and while Jaime and Brienne could have sex. I just have a feeling as and end game theory is that Jaime will die in brienne's arms maybe and Tormond likely will die no later then episode 3 of season 8.

I think in the series finale we will hear tyrion or whomever is talking mention what happened to all the people who survived the night king and queen cersei possible betrayle.

I think the person will mention Brienne as a Wife to a real Dog of A Lord Husband cause think Hound will be named Lord of House Clegane and They would or will name there two children a boy and a girl, Jaime and Arya.

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