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Theory: Jorah marries Dany

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Okay, so incest baby. :)

With all the talk of babies it's almost certain that we will see Dany deliver Jons child. We also know that a reveal of her being his aunt is probably going to shatter this seemingly perfect union. Why reveal it otherwise? This is stated by D&D on inside the episode and just by the way the reveal is depicted.

In other words, these two will not become an incest couple. Which means Danny's child and heir will be a bastard. Plus Jon being the known father would reveal the invest which she may not ever want known as it's a shameful thing. 

So, Dany needs to find somebody she can claim is the father and who would go along with this whole thing. Jorah is quite literally the only guy that this could be. He's a Northerner, he is always by Danny's side and they have a history. 

Plus, from a political standpoint, the Northern Lords might insist that Daenerys marry a Northerner as an act of goodwill. If Jon is off limits because of incest, well if Dany really has to make a political marriage you might as well have it be Jorah over Lord Glover. 

I can see them doing this because it would parallel Jon and Ned. Jon never knew his real parents and was raised by another man he thought was his father. Jorah ending up raising Jons kid would make sense and would bring the series full circle. Plus it could explain the scenes stressing that Jorah respects Jon and mentions about him having children.

Also, a variety of this story would be if both Jon and Dany died; the latter in child birth like Lyanna and she asks Jorah to look after the kid. 




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