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Foreshadowing for Jon and Dany getting married


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What do you guys think about all the potential foreshadowing in the show about these two getting married?

These were the examples i found. Feels like a lot at this point to just be a red herring or false foreshadowing.

s6e10: Dany leaves Dario in order to make room for a marriage alliance 
s7e7: Littlefinger talks to Sansa about how a marriage would make sense both politically and on a personal/ romantic level. 
s7e6: 3 different mentions of children regarding Jon or Dany 
s7e7: Jon telling Dany that she shouldn’t trust the witch regarding not being able to have a kid 
s1(forgot the episode): Jon tells Sam that he is still a virgin because he couldn’t bear the thought of getting a woman pregnant and his kid being a bastard like him. Effectively by the transitive property this means that any children foreshadowing is marriage foreshadowing. 
s1e1: The first desire Dany ever expresses is a desire to go home. Home is frequently a metaphor for family. And in her case, it definitely is since she says on several occasions in different locations - most notably this year at Dragonstone where she was born - that she doesn’t feel home implying there is no one location where she will feel at home in. This sets up the idea that returning home for her will be having a family again, perhaps the same one she would have had with her brothers son has there been no Robert's Rebellion.
s2e10: her vision at the house of the undying both show and book (e.g. “bridge of fire”; his is a song of ice and fire but there must be another). but specifically in the show, it shows her going north instead of taking the iron throne and finding her husband and child in the north. This season she decided to go north instead of finishing her conquest of westeros when all she had to do was take it. Feels like the only thing remaining is for her to find her husband and child in the north. 
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