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WoW Chapter I, as written by a neural network

John Suburbs

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9 hours ago, John Suburbs said:

This? This is the technology that's going to take over the world? How sad.


Have you read it?
I pretty much stopped after 20 lines of text. English isn't my native language, but Gods, those were some crazy lines.
Also, A Tyrion chapter from TWOW where Sansa, Reek and an Onion concubine are mentioned? And Where Jaime is talking with him? Last I remembered was that Tyrion is in Mereen, preparing for a battle, while Jaime is travelling the Riverlands together with Brienne.

Nope, that neural network still has to learn quite a lot, not to mention proper English grammar.

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Seems that pretended "neural network" is just a program copying random sentences or bits of sentences from the existing books while replacing any character name encountered with a randomly chosen one (there are not only Jaime, Sansa, Ghost, Asha and Reek in this "Tyrion" chapter, the Hound, Jeyne Poole and... Ned are also there ; the neural network designer seems to have completely missed the notion of PoV and just change the protagonist name everytime a name is said again, Tyrion just disappears from "his" chapter after a few sentences). Another fun thing this program consider titles as adjectives and randomize them as well, so at some point the story features a "king" Yoren in addition to "lord" Aemon.


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If you skim all five chapters instead of just the first one, you get to see Hodor finally talk, and it's definitely worth it. Also, we get to see Jaime become the valonqar, although it's a bit anticlimactic.

Anyway, there are some brilliant phrases and sentences here. I mean, I don't know what they mean, but I know they're brilliant. If I were still teaching writing, I'd assign my students to write a story using one of those fragments:

  • … and his mood was not in the hall.
  • It's nailed up the walls and stones for all the boys.
  • He came an hour ago at sunrise, only now the stones seemed to shimmer in a blaze of fear. Each one was the lamb…
  • Ser Dunaver’s streams glimmered smoking across the stones that the torches swallowed, the stone winds, scraping their wings through.
  • His footsteps burst like the last sound of snow. Fifty, and too many, the wind gusting off the gate.
  • … too fierce to feel faint enough to reach the swaying bridge…
  • … mammoths took their places before they left the whore through deep wind again.
  • Ser Meryn Trant seemed to make people sleepy…
  • The writing sheared off and tossed it in Stark’s hand, black and raw.
  • Grunt, Jon thought bleakly.
  • I looked prettier like years, and ever insisted, he thought.
  • "We have no glory, only a world upon my roofs.
  • Iron emmett was rolling through his door, weary, like a torch from the broad, drafty tunnel.
  • The spear of the right hand was twin to the other side, the jaw no longer.
  • … it fell at Casterly Rock where he did not know that his face was rising.
  • Jon did not need to share a cup or part of it, but maybe this, a fat little blind girl.


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On 9/8/2017 at 10:48 AM, Lord Freypie said:

Seems that pretended "neural network"

It's an actual neural network. It's on Github, with all the source code, using a pretty well known library called TensorFlow. The only cheating is a list of proper names to capitalize.

And this is what you should expect from a neural network. It's sort of like a brain-damaged person who attempted to learn the English language from nothing but ASoIaF, free-associating word by word.

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