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Stephen King's IT

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On 19/09/2017 at 11:41 PM, Darth Richard II said:

The Stand movie is dead, at the moment.

With the amount of money "it" just made I suspect this is very much "at the moment". Luckily "it" came after "dark tower" or hollywood would still be hesitant about King films. They tend to base things on most recent performance though so I suspect King's down to earth works will be getting a good look over the next few months. 1922 on netflix looks promising too.

I watched "it" this afternoon. It was enjoyable and the quality of the young actors was outstanding. I really liked how the film was confident enough to let them carry the film with virtually no involvement from adult cast. This really helped the film because the whole point is that these kids are totally on their own. I imagine all those actors have potentially promising futures. If they do, I hope they know there will be pictures of them as teens in Y fronts constantly turning up in "before they were famous" type articles.


I found some of the jumpscares distracting - after a few I find it hard to remain part of the film when I know there's going to be a sudden change in screech sound effects. Some elements also seemed a bit odd. Ritchie is scared of clowns yet inexplicably is the last one to be attacked by Pennywise!??? That and he doesn't seem at all worried when the others are mentioning killer clowns. That seemed a bit odd to me. The black kid was uncomfortably a bit of an extra which was a shame as his opening scene was great but it then took him most of the film to join the losers.

The bully did a great job of being menacing.

Skarsgard was chilling. A lot of the time he felt a bit cartoonish (I spent a lot of the film thinking he was the product of an unholy joining of Roger Rabbit and Ronald MacDonald).

I think I'd have actually liked some of the  film covering previous generations or some origin type story from Pennywise's view. Why was the clown persona his default? Although with the money this film has made, if part 2 does as well, we'll be getting prequels or further sequels without doubt.

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I just watched it and I feel like the ending makes little sense without the 'ritual' to be honest. Why is it that the kids had no fear of the clown all of a sudden? Also, I found Beverly's role among the group unbelievable and not very compelling. I think the movie did a really poor job of showing how her relationship with her abusive father affected her actions outside of the house. Another problem was the fact that the movie had almost no time to develop Mike's character or story and he ended up feeling unnecessary. :dunno:

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