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On 10/30/2019 at 5:22 AM, RumHam said:


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I thought it was abbey, but she seemed too young if Abbey was in college when the show started. 

I actually couldn't sleep after that ending. Like I'll go right from a horror movie to bed without issue but that fucked me up a bit. That look from Lori. 

It's horrible and honest that Vince remembers Candy, Ash and Thunder instead of  Eileen/Dorthy/Ruby




I certainly think the aging makeup for Franco and Levivea weren't that convincing, but that said, if she's a high-powered wealthy lawyer at this point, one can suppose she's using all the modern options (treatments, surgery, etc.) for keeping up her looks. Have you seen Christie Brinkley lately? She's 65, but it's hard to credit...


And you're right, it is terrible. I think it was right of Simon and Pelecanos to have that be the case. He's romanticizing what was, for many of these women, the worst times of their lives. I mean, him remembering Candy as Candy I don't mind so much, she wore that with pride, but he was also remembering her as a hooker rather than a director who was no longer in the game.


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