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Searching question TWOIAF corrections thread?

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I found one time some section covering TWOIAF and corrections/errors in the book. I cant find this and was wondering if any one knows what im talking about

There's something some body mentioned about one of the Storm Kings and their title listing being Forth of his name, as apposed to being listed as V or something (Dont remember his number off hand).

this was something pointed out to Ran in the thread and Ran responded that it wasn't a typo or something like that. Dont remember and would like to reread this as im building a time thread and this may or may not help in understanding somethings.

Curious to find it and hopefully ask Ran about it in regards to another section (Balon V Greyjoy, known as "Coldwind" and formally styled Balon Greyjoy, Fifth of His Name Since the Grey )

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Corrected the Stork Kings haha

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48 minutes ago, The Wondering Wolf said:

 Here you go. :)

And I had some questions about the Ironborn section as well, but Ran's answer was just like 'GRRM messed it up'. :D

Thank you very much!!! Greatly appreciated! :D


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