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Dead headofMaelysKinslayer

Prophecies with good and bad results

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I tried to summarize prophecies with their results according to person who sees it. For example, Daemon's prophecy caused his downfall and it resulted bad for person who sees it. So I take it as bad prophecy even if it is good for Targaryen. In contrary, Patchface's prophecy is bad generally but it is good for Stannis whom Patchface alleged to.

Good results

  • Daenys Targaryen. Targaryens survived. Good for Targaryens
  • Patchface. Death of Joffrey, Renly, Cortnay and Robb. Good for Stannis's side

Bad results

  • Daron Targaryen. Baelor died.
  • Daemon II Blackfyre. Second Blackfyre rebellion failed.
  • Dosh khaleen. Miizi Maz Duur killed Rhaego.
  • Reed. Reek killed Bran and Rickon. Cat set Jaime free. Robb lost Karstarks and failed.
  • Maggy. Cersei believed that Tyrion had killed Joffrey. Prophecy caused Oberyn's and Tywin's death indirectly.'
  • Melisandre. Her visions caused execution of many people by burning.
  • Ghost of High Hearth. Summerhall

Unknown until TWOW

  • Mizzi Maz Duur. 
  • Quaithe
  • House of Undying
  • Azor Ahai
  • Jon Snow
  • Moqorro
  • Tyrion
  • Jaime


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