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Jossue Alejandro Aguirre

Manticore venom

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8 hours ago, Jossue Alejandro Aguirre said:

Hey guys ive been having this question for quite a while.

Isnt manticore venom a fast killer? Why in the show it seems that it takes long for the Venom to attack Ser Gregor aka the Mountain?

Or is it the venom takes long to kill?

According to the wiki it leads to a very slow and painful death, but it kills the instant the poison reaches the heart. The poison on-screen seem to lead to a very rapid decay and necrosis of the flesh, which would explain why death is instant once the heart is affected.

Oberyn never stabbed the Mountain in the heart, and whatever Qyburn did to the Mountain 'saved' him before it could reach the heart.


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According to the books, it does kill the moment it reaches the heart, but the reason given or atleast implied in the books for it having a prolonging effect on Ser Gregor, is that it's been thickened with either another substance or by some magic spell. We know Pycelle tried to cure him, but couldn't, and from his description we know that the Manticore Venom was having the desired effect on Ser Gregor, as he describes the leeches that he placed on Ser Gregor in an attempt to suck out all the poisonous blood, dying. And that all the veins in the Mountains arms and elsewhere turning black, that's the blood that's turning black, which is one of the effects the venom causes. And it seems some of you may not have a true idea of human anatomy, nor GRRM himself. It doesn't matter where the venom or another fluid is inserted into your body, in most cases it will reach it's desired destination within your body, at the same time, for instance dilaudid or morphine, it can be inserted into your arms, legs or anywhere else, it should reach the brain and have it's desired effect at the same time. I only know this due to my experience of such things and many hospital visits caused by my personal health from about as early as I can remember. Your body size as far as height and weight is also a factor though, and this could also be a reason why it seemed to take longer to reach Ser Gregor's heart. Another theory is that it was Qyburn who prolonged the effect, thus prolonging Ser Gregor's agony, for his scientific purposes and his attempts to reanimate Ser Gregor.

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