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Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

Lany Freelove Cassandra

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So, pup decided that what's mine is his and ate through the packaging on my Amazon parcel. So I now know that my wonderful SS bought me...Everything Now, the latest Arcade Fire album! :wub: thank you so much, I have such a love for Arcade Fire and while I have had it downloaded for a long while now, the album will be well used. I work in a pub/hotel and I'm in desperate need of a new CD to listen to...if I listen to Enya once more I might just scream :) ...

Thank you Secret Santa. I have no idea who you are, and can only make one vaguely educated guess, which I will save until more have shipped and received 

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2 hours ago, Turinqui-Calima said:

There's not a lot of Santa guessing this year... I have no clue who my SS is either.

Lots of fun hearing about everyone's gifts though!!

My guess, based only on a vague clue from a PM Lany forwarded

is Anubiel. Because Lany asked a confirmation of address, then I got it the next day, so I assumed it was someone from the U.K. failing that, I turned to someone European

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Got my final box and it had a lovely cozy, purple scarf in it! The box I got yesterday had some yummy salty licorice which I am of course already eating! :wub:

Thank you so, so, so much, SS! I still have no idea who you are, except you have excellent taste and you're too damn generous!

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Three separate packages of SS gifts have arrived.  Unable to keep myself from opening them, I now have two kinds of licorice to eat and a beautiful silk scarf.  With birds.  So pretty!

And here I thought I'd never find dark chocolate covered black licorice again.  Not only did my SS find it, but found a version with chipolte - so even better!

Thank you thank you SS.  I am pretty sure I know who you are ....  <3

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I received another mysterious box yesterday! I can never wait until Christmas Eve, so of course I opened it straight away. A gorgeous teatray with mugs and tea! I drink buckets of tea at work, so this is perfect! Thank you so much! I think my Secret Santa must be British. Or a very clever American or other ordering from UK sites :huh:

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I caved. I opened it. Someone bought me the GoT 2018 calendar. It is lovely, will post pics when I get home.

Also I have a name for my SS but don’t know who that name corresponds to on the board. And I suspect there was some sneakiness by using Amazon marketplace to buy from a U.K. seller to throw me ^_^. So, thank you, but I still don’t know who you are! :) 


Eta; just realised the name that was left could have been the seller’s name which puts me back to square one! But if it is t I think I have it narrowed down to three candidates

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Just opened my secret santa gifts. I can't thank you enough, :grouphug: I absolutely love them!


A sweet holiday card


A stuffed yoda toy


Colored pencils (It comes with a sharper! Which I find super convenient)


An anatomy coloring book (I nearly finished the brain one I own, so this came at the best time!)


Jamaican blue moon coffee (Can't wait to try it!)


Star wars pendant 


I'm pretty confident as to whom my ss is, though I'll wait for the reveals to be sure.


Thank you so much!!

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Christmas Eve so my guesses thus far (my guesses are written with the santa on the right hand column 


Lany Cassandra

Zar Lannister

Helena - TC

KiDisaster - Lany 


Lily Valley - mlle zabzy


expecto patronum


Tellus Exploror - KiDisaster

Fragile Bird

Dream Song

Q the Cat

Mlle. Zabzy



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ok my secret santa...still a mystery to me...was so generous i can't thank them enough...i got a hard cover feast of crows, a wicked cool puzzle of an awesome painting of cersei's dress and wildfire... and in addition to cool chocolates and Mr. Rogers mints (i really dig these) i also got the Lands of Ice and Fire...oh the beautiful maps are just too cool...we did not open Karate Princess box from my secret santa til she gets here today so then photos will follow...

ETA...i forgot to mention my really great little stash box...and it had rocks for me to sniff...i dig 'em...

thank you from the bottom of this sniffer's heart...

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photos are in...and i think my stalking has paid off...




last box has karate Princess' name so we are waiting til tonight to open it...

thanks again Secret Santa...


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I keep forgetting to check the thread, because no matter how I click on Follow the thread, it won't let me follow!

I just opened my gift boxes. The horribly crushed one contained an unharmed box of fudge, Guinness Luxury Fudge, to be exact, sinfully, addictively good! And I'm trying to eliminate sugar from my life!. :lol:

I also received a beautiful ornament with a nativity scene on it (my Santa knows I regularly attend church, I think).

Best, and funniest, of all, I was sent 5 beautiful pairs of socks! My Santa did not know this, but my best friends with whom I celebrate Christmas Day with (Christmas Eve with my family) and exchange gifts with, have a long running family joke/requirement that Christmas gifts MUST INCLUDE SOCKS! We do secret Santa among us nowadays, because we reached the point where we were hip deep in wrapping paper and once the kids started marrying, the cost of gift giving was getting ridiculous. My secret Santa gave me a Roots cardigan sweater that looks like a classic grey sock, with light grey trim with a red stripe through it. Pit socks, they're usually called here. So the gift was just classic!  :wub:

Thank you so very much, Secret Santa mine!  I know who it is but I'm not saying anything yet.... :devil:

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My Secret Santa is the BOMB!  I received a reed diffuser, a narwhal coffee cup (which everyone at work will know is mine), a whale tail necklace, and some sperm whale socks!  Everything came in beautiful drawstring gift bags (one of which is designated for my Brady tarot).  Now I need to figure out which if you sneaky loves sent it!  My Westeros Secret Santa is the Best! https://imgur.com/gallery/wXVB9

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