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Something about Aerea and Rhaella from Sons of Dragon

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I have not see similar post. GRRM published Sons of Dragon in a book called The book of Swords. 

It was released recently and I read it. 

It answered a little bit about the situation of twin daughters of Aegon and Rhaena. 

After Tyanna finding and capturing them, Maegor decided the elder one, Aerea to become his heir, and the younger one Rhaella to become a septa. 

So Rhaella was sent to old town (I think a Lord hightower IIRC) but Aerea stayed with her mom Rhaena in King's landing. 

Yet when Rhaena escaped from Maegor, she took her daughter Aerea with her. 

Then Maegor was angry so he sent somebody to kill Rhaella but the lord saved and hid her. 

So both sisters are still alive and they should be around 6-8 years old when Maegor died. 

So here is the interesting question:

Aerea should sit on iron throne after Maegor because she not only was the eldest daughter of Aegon, first born son of King Aenys, but also she was the heir of King Maegor. 

Why Jaehaerys took her position?

This all happened before the Dance, so a daughter should come before her uncle. 

Is Jaeheaerys a usurper?

Is this the reason he made his second son his heir instead of Princess Rhaenys, the only daughter of his first born son? 

Another interesting person is Clarisse Dayne, a lovely and proud lady who was proposed by somebody to become wife of Maegor. 

It looks like House Dayne often produces beautiful and attractive ladies!




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We discuss this and other things over here in the official and pinned thread. We should not discuss stuff elsewhere until spoiler moratorium is over.

The thread is easy to miss since one doesn't look all that often up in that section where nothing ever changes ;-)


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