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Heresy 203 and growing suspicions anent the Starks

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1 hour ago, LynnS said:

Except for the fact that Aemon and Rhaegar also conflates the two prophecies; I'd say Mel is using the story primarily for political advantage since its seems that the story of the PwiP might be common knowledge.  Tacking that onto Stannis' credentials in other words to give more weight to her narrative.  What I don't understand is why she is obsessed with Stannis and the Baratheon bloodline when the prophecy is made about the Targ bloodline. Why doesn't she take any interest in Dany or her dragons?  

What does make sense to me is that the prince was promised that dragons would be born to the line or Aerys. This seems to be Aemon's conclusion and he backs that up by saying that this was the purpose behind the tragedy of Summerhall. 

Just before we move on to Heresy 204 I think its worth drawing attention to the chronology here.

There is a prophecy predicting the coming of a prince for whatever reason.

Its a very old prophecy, which seeming appears or at least is first written down in those ancient books of Asshai thousands of years ago.

At some point in recent history - just the last hundred years? - someone has interpreted the prophecy as referring to a Targaryen. Why, after all this time?

As for Mel, she simply wants a Manx cat and its entirely possible that given her ignorance of [and indifference towards] Westeros, she has never heard of the woods witch and I've always taken her identification of Stannis to rest entirely on the mistaken belief that he was born on the smoking island in the salt sea.

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