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Roose Bolton's father

The Sunland Lord

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I've just been thinking about an interesting possibility for Roose's paternity: what if Rickard Stark claimed his First Night rights with Roose's mother? Roose would be a half-brother to Ned, Lyanna, Benjen and Brandon.

I do think we are supposed to compare Jon Snow and Ramsay Snow in some ways: the two Snows. So maybe we are supposed to compare Ned and Roose, too. Ned has grey eyes; Roose has eyes like chips of dirty ice. Not too different, it seems to me. Roose's overarching ambition seems to be to install his line as Wardens of the North at Winterfell. Maybe this is payback for his biological father.

If Roose is half-Stark, I think this opens an interesting possibility for Ramsay's paternity. Roose believes that Ramsay is his son because the miller's wife says so and because the kid had his eyes. If those eyes are a version of Stark eyes, however, Ramsay's father could be another man from the Stark lineage. I'm thinking Brandon Stark, who liked to deflower virgins and may have beaten Roose to the bed of the miller's wife.


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