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Recruiting: Ashera Celtigar

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If you're interested in playing a CG'd young maiden in King's Landing you may want to try Ashera Celtigar. 

Ashera Celtigar is the daughter of Ser Amrell Celtigar and the late Lady Elona Celtigar. Ashera has a good relationship with her father and half-siblings as well her aunt Lady Elleria Celtigar. She is a bright, energetic young lady, though she is marked by a notable lack of confidence. Nearly everything she does is hesitant, from her movement to her speech. However, underneath it all, Ashera is filled with insatiable curiosity and a longing for adventure, and when she is able to speak on a subject she is passionate about, all hesitation evaporates. She loves singing and music, and has a habit of looking longingly out at the sea whenever it is within view.

Ashera's has relationships with various nobles in King's Landing - such as Lady Rylla Hightower and Lady Rymella Meadows - with room for growth and providing many opportunities for roleplay.

Edit: Character is now taken. 

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