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Tyrion the Targaryen

Lightbringer, Valonqar, Three Heads of the Dragon, and Azor Ahai all tied into one theory.

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Predictions of my theory (and they all have ALOT of text evidence to back this):

  • Azor Ahai is a duality and is two heads of the Three Heads of the dragon:
    • Jon Snow is one head (as hinted at by him becoming a King and Melisandre)
    • Daenerys is the other (as said by Maester Aemon, who was well acquainted with Rhaegar as well the prophecy. He said that it is "interchangable like a flame. Dragons are gender neutral")
    • Prince/Princess that was promised are there for a reason: Jon and Daenerys are going to bone.
    • Three Heads of the Dragon are going to change how Westeros is ran, like Rhaegar hinted to Jaime about what he wanted to do before he got killed at the Ruby ford.
  • Arya is the Valonqar
    • Arya is going use Jaime's face
      • There IS text evidence for it.  Not going to go into detail
    • Tyrion is going to plan with Arya
      • Arya is called a Rat and a mouse so many times throughout the books, including a monstrous rat, there are references to rats in the tunnels of the Red Keep, Cersei is paranoid about Tyrion popping out under her bed after she has a dream of mice, is paranoid about Tyrion (calls him a monstrous rat) crawling in the walls of the Red keep after finding out about her father being killed by Tyrion after he snuck in the tunnels.
    • After creation of this theory there is so much text evidence that points to Arya killing Cersei it is ridiculous.
  • Arya is going to fulfill the second part of Lightbringer
    • You have to do two read throughs of the Legend of Lightbringer prophecy for it to make sense:
      • First read through points to the sword that is Lightbringer
        • Joffrey's swords align the prophecy and point towards Widow's wail
          • Lion's Tooth - Thrown into the Ruby Ford by Arya after Joffrey tried killing Arya
            • Lightbringer broke in water first time
          • Hearteater - Ruby in the shape of a heart in the jaws of a lion for the pommel
            • Joffrey reveals the sword at the Battle of Blackwater
            • Joffrey tries to kill Tyrion by commanding Ser Mandon Moore to do so.
              • In the books Tyrion reveals that Ser Mandon Moore tried to "drive a sword through his heart"
          • Widow's Wail - Rubies in the eyes of the Lion crossguard
            • Nissa Nissa's a wailing wife, Ned Stark's wife in this instance.
      • Second read through points to how Lightbringer is going to be made.
        • Tempered in Water and broke = Ned Stark's Ice being broken into two
        • Sword driven through the captured heart of a Lion and shattered = Arya giving Cersei the gift of Mercy
          • Stick em with the pointy end
        • Nissa Nissa = well... that is part of another post.
  • The Third Head of the Dragon
    • The third head isn't necessarily a Targaryen because he is a Targaryen bastard (yes, my name is wrong lol)
      • Much more text evidence provided for Tyrion being a Targaryen bastard.
    • Daenerys is going to die, Jon Snow is going to rule but is going to use his experience through the Night's Watch and (possibly, if it goes like the show, being elected King of the North) to make Westeros a constitutional monarchy.
    • Jon Snow is going to give the Third Head dominion over the project, and the Hand will rule in place while Jon Snow lives in the North as Warden
      • "What the king dreams, the Hand builds"
        • Eddard I AGoT
        • Valyria was founded on democratic/republic principles until slavery came then the Doom of Valyria

It is really long, but it provides a lot of text evidence and is worth the read:



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tyrion targaryen ? lol

he's just tywin's bane, his true son and actually a bigger lion than him : both of them had the love of their lives humiliated by someone (aerys for tywin and tywin for tyrion) and only tyrion lives up to the name of lannister and pays his debt by killing tywin

- political genious unbeknowst to cersei and jaime

- their stare make people uneasy

- tyrion always demonstrates by thought and deed that he's tywin's son, but when cersei and jaime try to do so, generally after a serie of failures, it's rather wobbly and sounds like, i don't know how to say in english, when you try to make true something false by repeating it but it remains as false as the first time you said it

- tywin thinks cersei and jaime are his children, the future of house lannister who will bring glory to it, actually it's the opposite, and while tywin thinks tyrion will bring house lannister to its downfall, actually it's the opposite, as garlan said tyrion is bound to greatness, like his father before him he will restore house lannister to its previous glory

- genna lannister, whose intuition rivals tywin's intellect, said only tyrion was tywin's son

if there are targaryen bastards amongst the lannisters it's cersei and jaime :

- inhuman beauty

- natural incestuous love

- aerys's madness passed to cersei and joffrey

- jaime being the "good" face of the coin

- oathkeeper might be lightbringer and the bleeding star of the prophecy brienne (the star is a symbol of tarth and she chose a star for her shield sigil)

- both jaime and tyrion killed their fathers, jaime undergoes the curse of the kinslayer by losing the hand which killed his father even though he didn't know it was him and what he did was right

- the actor who plays hodor inadvertently spoiled that tywin's golden twins have actually been fathered by aerys ("mad like her father, the mad king")

- at one point in the tv show tywin says he has put the family name first by not giving tyrion to the sea and raising him as his son instead, but the truth might lie underneath, as how can not killing an ugly dwarf be of good to house lannister ? cersei and jaime however, if the fathering by aerys was true and had tywin acted like victarion, it would have caused enormous issues for casterly rock

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Lightbringer is Drogon. And Dany is Nissa Nissa, whom Jon - TPTWP, AA and the STWMTW, will need to kill (by impregnating her?) in order to yield the ultimate weapon against the Others. It is known.

On A+J=T, start here:


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