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The Dragon Demands

Significant wiki slowdown

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Is anyone else having this problem?

Editing speed on the wiki has slowed down to a crawl, to the point that it has significantly hampered updates for Sons of the Dragon.

By which I mean not load time, but the browser itself, typing speed, slows down to the point it's just plain unresponsive.

The stop-gap way I've been addressing this is to literally click "select all", copy-paste a page onto Notepad, make the edits I want, then copy it back in.

And this worked, functionally, for a time, if a bit unwieldy.

But it's reaching a point where even right-clicking won't let me "select all".

And overall, it's just hard to work with; small but quick and easy fixes to a sentence here or a sentence there can't be made - in the 5 seconds it really takes - because it's laborious to have to recopy out everything.

I didn't want to be "that guy" and complain about it, but it's been going on for quite some time and has gotten so bad that basic editing functionality has become limited.

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I've seen no evidence of this. Did a quick test and no problems. What browser are you using?

ETA: We do have a video slider ad that we've added recently that might be at issue -- I notice that it recently changed behavior and is more obtrusive than it should be, which may be leading to the apparent slow down for some, though as I said I don't see the problem. I've reported it and it should get fixed, and I'll see if I can have it not appear when pages are being edited.

Edited by Ran

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Not seeing the problem myself with Edge, either.

That said, we've gotten a fix in for the ad unit that was not acting properly. Please clear your browser cache, close and then restart the browser, and try editing and see if things are improved.

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