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Tywin Lannister as Azor Ahai

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I know.  I know.  It sounds cracked, but hear me out.  

The prophesy of Azor Ahai speaks to three sword forgings, which are likely metaphorical.   So the theory goes that the sword is a strong House Lannister that can overcome the Great War and remain on top.  

The first forging is water:  Tywin challenged his father, Tytos, at a party at the Twins when he was ten years old and Tytos was manipulated into betrothing his only daughter, Genna Lannister to Walder Frey's son.  Remember The Twins are two towers whose bridge straddle a river, so there is your water.  Unfortunately, Tywin can't save his father from making this mistake and further weakening their house here, so the sword breaks.  

The second forging is the heart of a lion:  Most people who read this part think of the golden lion on the Lannister sigil, but what if it was the red lion of House Reynes.  This part fits the best, as Tywin scared the Reynes family into fleeing into their abandon mines and sealed them in (Azor Ahai captures a the lion before he uses its heart),, and then floods the mines, killing the entire family before burning their house seat (plunging the sword into the heart of the lion).  However, this only makes the Lannisters feared, not strong, and many come after them for decades after that, so the sword broke.  

The third forging is into the heart of Nissa Nissa:  This refers to Johanna Lannister's death giving birth to Tyrion.  Tyrion himself is Lightbringer, and as Tywin told his son, he had wanted to give him to the waves along Casterly Rock when he was born, but held himself back for the family's sake.  I mentioned in a previous post that the merging of the soul and the physical often speaks to the ensoulment of a human being, and Nissa Nissa's impalement merged her soul with that of the sword.  Tywin is said to have loved Johanna more than anything as Azor Ahai loved his wife, and Tyrion has compared his mind to a sword and his books to a wetstone.    

So Lightbringer is Tyrion, or at least his mind.  By raising him, even against his will, Tywin made Tyrion able to do his part in the Great War and help bring the dawn.  Plus, through Tyrion House Lannister can continue, so the forging was a success, even if it cost Tywin extremely dearly.  

Now onto the Prince that was Promised Prophesy:  Tywin was born amid salt and smoke.  Casterly Rock is off the sunset sea, which is salty, and has salt deposits in the rocks.  His mother, Jeyne Marbrand's house sigil is a burning tree surrounded by grey smoke.  We are all born amidst our mothers and the location we enter the world, thus he fits this part of the prophesy.  

As for the bleeding star, that is where it gets tricky.   We don't know enough about Tywin's birth to know the astrological events that may or may not have occurred.  However, the red comet could refer to Tywin's rise as Hand of the King and his assigning that temporarily to Tyrion.  In doing so, he's finally giving Tyrion a real role in things, thus a rebirth after a long summer.    He's raised Lightbringer to power, beginning his journey to eventually do his part in the Great War to come.  

Finally, there is the freeing dragons from stone.  Tyrion did free the dragons in Meereen, and it was Tywin's death that sent Tyrion into exile, along with the education Tywin permitted his son to pursue that gave him the knowledge of what to do.  

To finish things off, George RR Martin likes to do twists and this would be a major one.  Having a serious bad guy be the hero would play to the moral morass that is war.  We write about heroes and villains, but that is just who history nominates for those roles.  Since this is the Song of Ice and Fire, who knows who is who until we see who wins in the end.  

So, what do you all think?





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