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US Politics: What's a couple hundred billion between friends?


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23 hours ago, Kalbear said:

Conversely, tolerating and enabling Republicans to let them think that they aren't 'that bad' isn't going to make them change either. 

I’m not sure how fee about this, if were talking about calling Republicans, we personally know, horrible people directly

Personally, I can be pretty rude and obnoxious when I’ve argued with Republican friends and family members. And I don’t mince words, when they start up with their Republican nonsense. And I will mock ridicule and snark at many of their arguments.

But, I always hold back from outright accusing them of being horrible people personally. Because I think it puts them on the defensive to where they won’t listen to anything you have to say. I mean sure, I want them to get the hint that their ideas or beliefs are leading them to being bad but I don’t state it directly. I think I can make the point without directly stating it.

And plus, a lot of times when I’ve gotten into with Republicans, there have been spectators watching too, who aren’t necessarily strong partisan Republicans. And I don’t want them to think I’m the biggest asshole in the situation, though admittedly I tend to push the envelope.

In my experience, a lot of Republicans are that way because they are expected by the social group they are in to be Republicans. And if they deviate from group opinion they tend to be punished by a few loud mouth enforces of group opinion. I tend to take on the loud mouths and tend to be more gentle with the others because well that’s what they are expected to be.

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