You may want to take this matter up with GRRM: So why shouldn’t we take Ned’s fever dream account literally? After all the bit about fighting the three kingsguards is confirmed by Ned’s memory. And Lyanna extracting a promise from Ned on her death bed is confirmed in Ned’s memory. So why does GRRM bother to remind the fan that dreams are not always literal?   The one thing that Ned’s memory does not corroborate with the dream is chronology and geography linking the two parts of the dream.  The fan assumes that the second scene of the dream takes place at the same location and immediately after the first scene of the dream and thus puts Lyanna in the tower. However, as George points out we can’t assume that the sequence of events in the dream matches reality.  Our dreams aren’t confined to location and time.  In other words, the fan assumes that Lyanna was in the tower because of the dream, and that may be a bad assumption.   Ned’s memories of the events never puts Lyanna in the tower of joy or her death occurring immediately after the battle.