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Darkstar is a Sand Snake

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I found some evidence for several things pertaining to Darkstar after reading a theory that Darkstar is Oberyn's son. The post on the forum mostly compared looks, but I wanted to see if there was any symbolic evidence of this. Along the way, I noticed what Darkstar does goes along with the tales of Azor Ahai and lucifer means lightbringer's two moon theory on the creation of Ice/dawn. I'm a patron of lml and a huge fan of his work.

So Darkstar's attack on myrcella was pretty much spelled out before it happened in the queenmaker. Darkstar steps on a statue of the maiden with her face scourged away by sand. Not to mention Darkstar basically offers to kill myrcella which he seems to actually try to do. Darkstar and sand cuts at the maiden's face making him a representation of sand. And since he's more of a viper than oberyn, he's a sand snake.

Concerning the azor ahai prophecy, Darkstar is mentioned using an oilstone or whetstone (wet stone) on his sword at the lip of a well. It's also mentioned three times in the chapter that he is taking a piss or making water come out of his sword. Then he uses his sword to cut a myrcella who is a lioness. What is left is to kill his sister moon maiden/sand snake, obarra. Side note- oilstone to sharpen blade? Oily black stone used to create valyrian steel? So it seems obarra is a fire moon maiden. She is first described as stone. Then George references fire and obarra in the same breath multiple times. And then in a dance with dragons her face darkens. As if the light of the fire moon is destined to go out.
Darkstar is also compared to a moon and has an icy temperament. The moon crowns the celestial maiden and darkstar crowns myrcella with his sword like how Arthur knighted Jaime and cut him in the process. There's also the Finnish coat of arms depicting a crown and sword intertwined atop a lions head. Darkstar is also compared to arys in the chapter making him seem icy along with having a sword that shines with starlight. So fire moon maiden vs ice moon darkstar. Darkstar will probably be wounded by obarra like how oberyn wounded the mountain. The ice moon darkstar will prevail though. Darkstar even says any viper who tries to take a bite of him will rue it since he was weaned on venom. After this, he will get dawn somehow. I also think darkstar will lose an eye in this fight since his eyes are like moons and swords.

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